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Did Doing Fit and Fierce Over 40 Transform Me?

April 25, 2018 Comments Off on Did Doing Fit and Fierce Over 40 Transform Me?

Online courses are growing in popularity. Turns out many of us do like lifelong learning. Making progress in life just feels good, doesn’t it? When I came across Sadie Nardini‘s Fit and Fierce over 40 on DailyOM, I decided to give it a try. I’ve now “completed” the course.

By completed, I mean that I read each day’s lesson, listened to Nardini‘s daily inspiration, and did the 16 – 20 minute yoga workout. I also read the recipes. While there are a few I really want to make, I haven’t made any of them yet. If I were to give myself an honest assessment as a student of the class, I’d give myself a C+. There was a deeper level I could have gone to.

Did Doing 40 Fit and Fierce Transform Me?

Yes, No, and Maybe So.

Before I share my full impression and my results from the course, there are a few things you should know about me.

My Fitness Lifestyle

  1. I do strength training 3 times per week with my fiance and I wouldn’t trade that workout for anything. We call our routine the SpartaChris. His name is Chris and he came up with the initial routine.
  2. Ballet Fit at the Rochester Athletic Club adds joy to my day. I make it to the class 2-3 times per week.
  3. When the weather is beautiful, I’m getting outdoors and going for a walk or hiking. If it’s not, I’m on an elliptical at least a couple times per week.
  4. I want to run a 5K, so I’m trying to get my body to cooperate with me. My body and mind are in a tug of war on that. I’m working on Running with my Ego.
  5. I’ve been taking a Vinyasa 3 Yoga class a couple of times per month for three or four years; and, I did other yoga practices before then.
  6. In the past year, I’ve done Body Composition Testing twice. Both times, the results have been lean. I’d like to get to Ultra Lean.

Your results are going to depend on where you’re at in your fitness journey and on your lifestyle.

The 40 Fit and Fierce Course Promises to Provide the following:

No need to go to the gym or yoga class. Maybe So.

This could be true for you. I love going to the Rochester Athletic Club. When I think about moving, finding a gym that I enjoy as much is a serious concern for me. So while I may be able to do without it, I enjoy it too much for that to make sense.

Gain a cardio workout and muscle-definition. Yes and Maybe So.

I loved the workouts. It surprised me that I would feel fatigue at any level during a 15 minute workout, yet I did. Also, my Vinyasa 3 Yoga instructor commented that I seemed stronger not long after I completed the 40 Fit and Fierce course. It’s likely due to the mix of my workouts, yet 40 Fit and Fierce didn’t hurt my growth at all.

The cardio health, muscle definition, fat and calorie burn as if an hour of strong exercise has been done. Maybe So.

The honest answer is that I have no idea if this is true or not. There’s not much of a real-world way for me to measure this.

Balance, alignment, and joint safety. Yes and Yaass!

I noticed this. Sadie Nardini has changed my downward dogs forever and I will be forever grateful for that. I’ve always had a tendency to dump into my lower back. She says to, “lift up through your belly to lift the knees.” It has changed my Downward Dogs for the better forever. Some of the moves, especially one that she called moonwalk back, made my achy joints feel so damn good. I loved it!

Transform your body in just 20 minutes a day. Maybe So. 

This is hard to discern. My body has not changed its shape, however, I think that has more to do with my eating choices during the program than it does the program. Food has been a struggle for me the past few months.

Reveal more confidence and self-value; and, Strengthen Your Mind. Yes.

I do feel more solid in myself both on and off the mat. It was interesting how sometimes her inspiration would answer a question I was mulling over, or coincide and reinforce a good thought I’d read from another source.

21 Fit & Fierce Recipes. Yes and Maybe So. 

The recipes are there. They look and sound delicious and use great ingredients. I MUST start making them. It has to happen. Maybe you’re like me and when you cook, it’s not just for your satisfaction. Sometimes it’s just for me and my guy. Others, it’s for me, my guy, and four of his kids. This is why I can only give myself a C+ in the course. I’ve read and heard from multiple sources that getting lean and sculpted is 90% nutrition. Now that I think about it, maybe I’d flunk the course…

Bust Plateaus. Maybe So.

Doing the course again may lead me to bust through my current plateau. That’s not on the course, it’s on me.

How Fit & Fierce Over 40 Transformed Me:

  • After 21 days of being encouraged to eat food that serves me, I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet and reduced the amount of sugar I consume a lot. No more morning mochas. Omelets without cheese are surprisingly good. For times when I need milk, I use coconut milk. My stomach feels WAY better.
  • Now I do yoga at random moments throughout my day. Before, I always thought I’d screw something up. I worried about alignment, an instructor not being present; and, I just wasn’t in the habit. When I feel stuck on something, or otherwise frustrated, I do one of the quick practices in the course. Also, I think her lightheartedness makes it easier to do yoga while distractions are happening. It’s not like I’d want to or even could make my whole house full of people be quiet on command.
  • Confidence and calm in my approach to things. I’m normally a pretty cool and calm person. However, we moved to a brand new house and my fiance started saying, “You seem a little intense lately.” He’s so kind. He could’ve said, “Wow, you’re kind of being a bitch about things,” and he’d have been right. I might not have taken it well though. By the end of the course, I felt returned to my calmer, go with the flow state of mind. To be totally honest, there have been other great things I’ve encountered that have contributed to my more positive state of mind, like REFINE.

Would I recommend the course?

Yes. In fact, I plan to retake it. This time I’ll incorporate the recipes. I do love baking and cooking, so there really is no reasonable excuse. From day one, I enjoyed the course.  I gained perspective on my happiness.