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I’m Trying the Fit and Fierce Over 40 Course on DailyOM

March 16, 2018 Comments Off on I’m Trying the Fit and Fierce Over 40 Course on DailyOM

Since my blog is 40 Fit N’ Stylish, it may not be surprising that I took notice of the Fit and Fierce Over 40 course on DailyOM. 49,987 people have taken the online yoga course (so far). I decided to join in the fun.

After I paid, I fretted and felt that first day of class dread…

Would the instructor be all moonbeams and sunflowers? Could it end up being full of over-the-top kumbahya moments? Would it be all touchy-feely weird?

Have you ever had one of those instructors who encouraged everyone to overshare? Ugh! Or one who was overly sing-song-y? I have. 10th grade Geometry class. Just thinking about it sends my shoulders inching towards my ears. 

Fit and Fierce Over 40 Course

I’ve completed Day One. Instructor Sadie Nardini provided a video with a minute’s worth of inspiration. She talked about how the core needs to be strong, resilient, and flexible; and how the core is about getting back to center and being who you really are.

Her words gave me that ah-ha moment I jones for in yoga class. The 15-minute workout that followed fired up my core and my thighs. I started with my cardigan on. By 7 minutes in, my cardigan was off.

Diet and nutrition tips are offered post-workout along with a recipe and a writing exercise.

My Writing Exercise Day 1

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday at Le Shack ChriMel

Question: Am I in a true, happy balance around food?

Not at the moment. Last spring, I lost 15 pounds. I started dropping from 160 lbs. to 145 lbs. by counting calories and exercising (both cardio and lifting). The final 8 came off when Chris and I went Paleo last May.

Then, we quit the paleo diet.

I was the instigator pulling us off the rails. Several paleo recipes that I was making or planning to make had coconut oil as an ingredient. While running on the elliptical, I was scanning information on my iPhone and came across some information from the Mayo Clinic that made me question using so much coconut oil in our diet. Coconut oil has more fat than lard and according to the American Heart Association is not good for the heart.

Also, we missed ordering food like normal human beings. It was only fun and novel once to realize after a couple of Friday Happy Hour drinks that there was nothing on the Happy Hour Food menu that we could order. We had plans to go to a show at the local theater after the drinks with friends at our favorite bar. Between one and the other we went to the nearby Co-Op to scavenge for paleo-approved snacks (jerky and nuts). At the theater, I was both buzzed and hungry. Thank goodness the show was great. After the show, we rushed to a restaurant and ate a pile of wings sans sauce.

Soon after, our paleo adventure came to an end.

So back to the course’s question: Am I in a true, happy balance around food?

Grapes are on the counter to snack on while I bake and cook. I have tried to stop being annoyed with myself after a fun night of food and drink with family and/or friends. Most of what I eat is homemade by me. I do spend a lot of time each week deciding on recipes, shopping for, and preparing meals, snacks, and treats. Sometimes I feel like food is consuming me.

My biggest area of confusion right now is that I burn more calories, more efficiently than I used to. That seems great, right? Please Melissa, tell me how else you suffer? I know. I know. For a year I have been bouncing back and forth between 142 lbs. and 148 lbs. Today, I am 144.4. I want to get to 135 lbs. However, I don’t want to under-fuel and suffer and for awhile I’ve been in that, “But girls just want to have fun…and sometimes chocolate” zone. Plus, I love baking and cooking right now.

Do I nourish myself, or punish myself with how and when I eat?

For a while I was robbing myself of the joy of eating. While I often enter calories into myfitnesspal, just to see where I’m at, I’m trying not to obsess. What I find myself trying to focus on right now is not consuming too much fat. When I do consume a lot of fat, I end up having an upset stomach and feeling tense.

How can I clean up my diet, but also find balance and enjoy my relationship to eating…and sometimes have the fries (or your equivalent)?

I can give myself the green light on preparing healthful meals that most in our house will enjoy, if not all. I can seek out baking recipes that do have some level of balance in them. I’ve been enjoying the recipes on eatingwell.com, because they are not too time consuming and seem to have moderation built in.

That is the end of Day One’s writing exercise for me. I’m looking forward to carving some time out for Day 2 and will keep you all posted on how Fit and Fierce Over 40 goes for me and if I’d recommend it.

Update: A happy realization that Fit and Fierce Over 40 helped me make. Some thoughts now that I’ve completed the course.