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Staying Fit for the Dress

· How to stay fit for the dress ·

  • Fit
  • Nov 5, 2019
Melissa Peterson Eve of Milady Wedding Dress Back

On the day I said yes to the dress, I made three promises to the dress and to myself. I will: Stay fit. Slim up. Better define my muscles. With a little help from Precision Nutrition and a few of my favorite group fitness classes (Ballet Fit, PiYo, and FIT), I kept that promise. My…

Ballet and Wine = A Wonderful Time

  • Fit
  • Oct 24, 2019
Annie Nimmo Ready to Share Wine with her Ballet and Wine Students

Ballet and Wine class basics: Dress how you want. Drink wine if you like. Dance. Classes are led by Annie Nimmo, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor. “Zero experience is required,” Annie says. Ballet and Wine classes are for “newbies-to-dance and for all ages!” In class there may be barefooted dancers wearing yoga pants…

The Making of Morning Rituals

  • Fit
  • May 29, 2019
Fancy Flapjacks

This morning was dedicated to catching up, tidying up, and committing to a set of morning rituals that ground me in my day. We are what we practice. Our rituals (habits) create our reality. I want mine to be both grounded and fancy. What are your morning rituals? Morning Ritual 1: Ten Minutes of Meditating…