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Staying Fit for the Dress

· How to stay fit for the dress ·

November 5, 2019 Comments Off on Staying Fit for the Dress

On the day I said yes to the dress, I made three promises to the dress and to myself.

I will:

  • Stay fit.
  • Slim up.
  • Better define my muscles.

With a little help from Precision Nutrition and a few of my favorite group fitness classes (Ballet Fit, PiYo, and FIT), I kept that promise. My muscles became more defined than they have ever been and I shed nine pounds in six months. I’m horrible with a measuring tape, so I’m not sure how many inches left my waist.

Most importantly, I could move with ease in my dress, enjoy the day, and our guests.

Hugging our grandson and ring bearer would’ve been a struggle if my dress was too tight.

How to Get and Stay Fit for the Dress (or the jeans):

  1. Enlist help! Six months before the big day, I was beyond frustrated. After plateauing for months, the scale started moving in the wrong direction. I shared my struggle with Emily at Empowered Wellness. She suggested I give Precision Nutrition a try. I did. Thank goodness! I’m now working with Precision Nutrition Coach Veronica Egan of Just Move Fitness and More on making my nutrition choices even better.
  2. Share your goals with others. You never know who will help you take your workout to the next level. Once one of my Ballet Fit instructors knew I was getting married and saw the dress I planned to wear, she took seemed to take our back workouts up a notch, especially the week before the wedding.
  3. Know what you have a proclivity for and embrace it. I love to eat and exercise, so I made exercise a priority.  During the month before our wedding, I averaged 15,700 steps per day. Those steps don’t include time spent standing in place lifting weights, or on the ground doing various muscle building exercises. I made good food choices at least 80% of the time. Progress. Not perfection.
  4. Build those muscles! As a general rule, the more muscles you have the higher your Basal Metabolic Rate will be.
  5. Get enough sleep. Why? Sleep helps improve self-control and reduces junk food cravings.

Do you have an upcoming event you want to get and/or stay fit for? Or, do you have any tricks for getting and staying slim? Please let me know! You can reach me anytime at Let’s connect! You can find me on Instagram at @40fitnstylish.