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I Will Be Happy When…

March 17, 2018 Comments Off on I Will Be Happy When…

Do you play the modern, first-world game, I Will Be Happy When…?

It’s become so ingrained in my brain to push and be dissatisfied with where I’m at, that I’ve been playing it every day. Striving is great. So is appreciating and expressing gratitude for all that my life is right now. Sometimes I’m so focused on the former that I forget about the latter.

How about you?

Today I Realized…

I’m on Day Two of the Fit and Fierce Over 40 course. In Sadie’s inspiration for the day video she encouraged viewers to light up and claim the space they have earned and deserve. All of us watching are 40 and over. Most of us have done some living, earning, and learning. I heard her words and thought Yaas!

Today’s Writing Exercise from Sadie: List 10 Things That Cause You Joy and Empowerment

    1. Spending time with my honey
    2. Spending time with family and friends (especially my grandchildren)
    3. Writing
    4. Learning new things
    5. Ballet Fit
    6. Baking and Cooking
    7. Volunteering
    8. Hiking / Exploring
    9. Yoga
    10. Being Creative – putting together rooms, outfits, etc.

I get to do the above quite a lot:

The Next Writing Prompt: Write down 3 creative ways to ensure that this week, you can do 3 of those things.

I need to be more appreciative of all of the good in my life, because I don’t need to find creative ways to make sure I can pick and do 3 of the 10 things on my list.

My honey and I make time together a priority. Family and friends are part of our weekly life. I write, learn, cook, and do yoga every day. Ballet Fit class is offered three times per week at the gym we go to and I always make it to one. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to fit in all three. Baking is something I do most weekends. A walking path is near our home and our dog likes her walks, so that gives me my hiking and exploring time. And, I get to be some kind of creative every day.

Are there things I’m upset about or that are missing from my life? Sure. Yet, complaining about them won’t get me anywhere. Besides, this post is about the good stuff.

Next up was deciding how to do 3 things from the list of 10 consistently throughout the week.

Done. I do them all throughout my week. I guess I’ll go ahead and be happy.

Do you play the I’ll Be Happy When…game?

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March 21, 2018