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Sweater Love, or Not

Mariah's sweater on bedpost

By Mariah Mihm Love/Hate We all have a love/hate relationship with something. Maybe it’s food, or a place. Mine is a sweater. I have a deep love for cream colored sweaters, which is evident if you peek inside my closet. Today I was folding laundry. A load of whites, warm out of the dryer and…

Mmmmm is for Mimosa


#HappyNationalMimosaDay! Brunch anyone? On a Thursday! Wine not? Bad pun. I know. Yet, I’ve been seeing similar phrases on so many t-shirts lately. Have you? If brunch can’t be in your game plan today, maybe you could have one with dinner, or after. It’s sweet and refreshing without being overwhelming, so long as you make…

Skin Care Confession

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I have resorted to using cheap, big box store facial wipes. Afterwards, I’ve applied good facial treatments and moisturizers. Yet, the result of the not-so-good stuff has been skin that itches and blemishes. Why use facial wipes? Please, hear me out. I do not want to bring washcloths…

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