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Melissa’s Kickin’ Chicken Cornbread Tamale Casserole Recipe

· Made using Kodiak Cakes Cornbread Mix for an extra boost of protein. ·

Melissa's Kickin' Chicken Cornbread Tamale with Kodiak Cakes Cornbread Mix

Do you ever struggle to feel full between meals? I do. Since becoming a group fitness instructor, I’ve been hungrier than ever. I don’t do hunger well, so I snack (a lot) if I don’t fuel up right at meals. When I created Melissa’s Kickin’ Chicken Cornbread Tamale Casserole, I decided to use Kodiak Cakes…

Delicious DIY Mocha


Can I live without my mocha in the morning? I suppose. My mornings seem so much better with it though. How about yours? My husband and I have decided to recommit ourselves to paying off all of our debts as fast as possible. That means an end to my daily morning drive to my favorite…

Inner Beauty Yum Muffins

Inner Beauty Muffins Instagram Picture

Why Inner Beauty? First, these muffins look humble. Maybe they should be Humble Warrior Inner Beauty Yum Muffins. What do you think? #BrandingThoughts Second, I’ve been reading The Beauty Diet by Davide Wolfe and it’s inspired some of my ingredient choices for these muffins. First and foremost, the honey! Breaking Food Blogger Code, I’m Giving…

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