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Lynch Family

Hi all. Bye all. Coats piled up on the bannister in the entryway. Those days ended decades ago. Sundays and holidays with my grandparents, their ten children, their children’s spouses, their children’s children. We took up a pew, or two at Mass. There were so many of us kids! We ran upstairs and downstairs, girls…

Why hold on? | Journal Entry 25 of 108

· Letting go of the obsolete versions of myself ·

  • 40
  • May 17, 2018
Melissa McNallan wearing Kate Spade jacket

Do you ever wonder… Is planned obsolescence causing us to become new and improved versions of ourselves at a rapid pace? Are we throwing pieces of ourselves away that we need, because we’ve lost the ability to discern what is worth keeping? I wonder (and sometimes worry). Then I remember, the world is always changing and so…

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