Melissa McNallan working on Dancer's Legs in 14 Days

Is Dancer’s Legs in 14 Days on DailyOM by Sarah Rector worth the investment?

July 29, 2019 Comments Off on Is Dancer’s Legs in 14 Days on DailyOM by Sarah Rector worth the investment?

He noticed. Chris (my husband-to-be in 75 days, maybe less by the time you read this) noticed that my legs are more muscular now than they used to be. I have been working hard at developing lean, strong, dancer’s legs.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

The change in my legs didn’t happen in fourteen days. Yet, Chris commented on them when I was two days into my second round of the Dancer’s Legs in 14 Days class by Sarah Rector on DailyOM. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Dancer’s Legs in 14 Days Course Basics to Know:

  • There are, as you might imagine, fourteen classes included in the course.
  • Each class has five minutes of leg exercises and a minute or so of instruction without movement.
  • DailyOM gives you the option of paying $15, $35, or $50 for the class. All payment options include the exact same content.

Is Dancer’s Legs in 14 Days by Sarah Rector worth the investment?

I think so. After all, I’m going through each video a second time and I just purchased Rector’s Be Abtastic in 7 Days course.

Do I think my legs were transformed by spending five minutes per day for fourteen days doing leg exercises? Not visibly. Yet, I wasn’t expecting the course to have that profound of an impact in such a limited amount of time. Given a few of the comments I saw on the course, some people did. I think it’s important to remember that every body is different.

Why did I buy the course if I didn’t expect a sudden and total leg transformation?

  • I like doing targeted exercises for my legs and I am bad at coming up with routines for myself.
  • My access to the course never expires, so I can get a five minute leg fix any time I want one.
  • Most important to me: It’s an opportunity for me to work on perfecting my form. Several of my relatives have had knee replacement surgeries, and/or struggled with joint pain in their legs. I want to do everything within my power to maintain strong, capable legs.

Details to consider when reading about my experience:

  • On average, I exercise about two hours per day. My current 28-day average step count is 15,804.
  • My weekly workouts include a mix of Ballet Fit, PiYo, SpartaChris, Step, and DailyOM workouts. If I have to sit still for too long, I get agitated. Fun Fact: As I write this I am on a Desk Treadmill at the Rochester Athletic Club.
  • About eight pounds separate me from my goal weight depending on the day.

Why does the above matter? I think the closer one is to a goal, the harder it is to see the changes. They become more subtle. When I first started working out and wanted to lose at least fifty pounds, my body dropped sizes rapidly. It seemed I was at the store every two weeks because my pants were too loose. That is no longer the case.

What did I get out of the course?

  • My squats rock more than ever thanks to Rector’s explanation of proper form.
  • The daily exercises did make my muscles burn without adding any weight. It was a satisfying surprise.
  • I loved the targeting of the inner thigh. It’s such a difficult spot to strengthen!
  • While at the Women Ignite! Retreat, I learned that doing 25 squats can help energize a person who is feeling sluggish. Anytime I crave a snack break, I think about taking a squat break instead. However, doing the same leg workout every afternoon is tedious. Doing these short workouts when I hit the wall around 3 o’clock is a fun way to get through my work day. It does help that I work from home.
  • Having access to the workout on my laptop and phone makes it easier to be consistent when traveling.
  • I love learning new leg exercises that are mindful of good technique, because I want to gain strength without harming muscles. Each day has a new workout that improved how I work my legs.

Could you transform your leg workout by spending 5 minutes a day for 14 days learning the proper technique for leg exercises? Maybe. Are there online workouts that you love? I’d love to know about them! You can connect with me on Instagram @40FitNStylish, on Twitter @MelissaMcNallan, and on Facebook @40FitNStylish.