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Precision Nutrition Journey: Small Changes Yield Significant Progress

July 24, 2019 Comments Off on Precision Nutrition Journey: Small Changes Yield Significant Progress

Significant progress is happening on my Precision Nutrition (PN) Journey! After being up to almost 150 pounds at the beginning of July, I am now down to 144 and have fallen to 143 and some odd ounces on some days. That means I am less than double digits from my goal weight: 135.

The changes I’ve made in the past two weeks have been small, yet impactful. PN encourages participants to experiment. Try new things and see what works. I made some of the changes after having a phone consultation with Emily Watkins, my PN Coach.

Small PN Health Changes:

    1. Increasing my step count and decreasing my calorie count. I’ve been using a treadmill desk at the Rochester Athletic Club most days. I may be moving only two miles per hour, but I’m also not snacking. While at my laptop boredom and frustration can get the best of me. When they do and I’m not in motion, my bad habit is to snack. There’s also a lot of reading I have to catch up on. I’m doing as much of it as I can while on an elliptical.
    2. Switching from a mocha to a latte. Making the switch saves me around 150 calories in the morning. It also reduces my sugar and fat intake for the day.
    3. Paying attention to the fats I consume. Are they healthy, or unhealthy? Do I need to consume more than one source of fat at a meal? Instead of eating an egg sandwich with bacon, cheese (nondairy), and avocado, I have an egg sandwich with one of the three ingredients.

One big change I made a month ago:

A month ago I cut out almost all dairy. No ice cream or pizza. Only dairy-free cheese on my burgers.

Vegan Burger at Hot Chip

Veganning of the Future, a Vegan Burger at Hot Chip. Yum! 

What have I noticed?

My joints aren’t complaining as much as they used to and my stomach is more chill. When I had an allergy flare-up last week, instead of having to take prednisone for days in order to breathe, my throat was sore and I felt fatigued.

Dairy makes a lot of inflammatory lists. Here’s one from Reader’s Digest: 12 Foods That Make Inflammation Worse.

Have you ever cut dairy or any other inflammatory food from your diet? If you have, how’d it go for you?

What change (big or small) might make a difference for you? Do you have a tip that could help other 40 Fit N’ Stylish readers? Please share them by connecting with me. Let’s connect on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.