Melissa at 40 Fit N Stylish doing a PiYo Kick Through

5 Things You Might Not Know about PiYo

August 27, 2019 Comments Off on 5 Things You Might Not Know about PiYo

Have you heard of PiYo? Or, have you been thinking about giving it a go? For the longest time, I’d see the signs up with women doing PiYo kick throughs around the gym and think someday. The move looks pretty and I like to feel like I’m doing something graceful when I work out (regardless of how my moves may appear to others).

My hesitation was that I thought it might not be all that much of a workout for me. It looked fun, but would it do as much for me as Ballet Fit, Step, or Power Vinyasa 3 Yoga? Then, a Friday with a little extra time arrived and I decided to go to class.

5 Things to Know About PiYo:

  1. It’ll make you sweat. I started sweating less than fifteen minutes into class. The heat building segment of the class was no joke. I couldn’t believe it! From that moment on, I’ve been hooked. There’s a power section of the class that’s cardio focused and sweat inducing followed by flows that help strengthen and tone.
  2. The only equipment required is a yoga mat and an open mind. The latter is true of most group fitness classes. There will be moves that challenge both mind and body. There may also be times that your body wants a different option than the easiest or most challenging version of a move. Keep your mind open to receive the information your body is telling you – my type A tendencies so struggle with this!
  3. It’s not pilates or yoga or the two combined. PiYo includes moves inspired by Pilates and Yoga. That’s where the similarities end. I’ve taken both yoga and pilates and PiYo really does just include moves inspired by each. PiYo is an amazing exercise program with its own unique moves, pattern, and benefits.
  4. Pretty moves that strengthen and tone are included. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I love feeling graceful when I sweat. If that’s something you want in your workouts, you might fall in love with PiYo too.
  5. There are options within most moves. Not feeling a plank? Stay in down-dog, or if your wrists are sore take it to your forearms. We all have different body geometries with unique strengths and weaknesses. Trying to force oneself into what someone else is doing is self-defeating and might even be injury inducing. Do the options that work best for you.

Taking my PiYo practice to the next level…

Now I’m a certified PiYo LIVE instructor (as of August 24th, 2019). That’s how much I believe in its benefits. Want to try a class for free? I’ll be hosting a few practice classes virtually and in person to help me get some live instruction time practice. The first one will be happening around September 8th. More details to come!

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