Tomato Egg and Lettuce Breakfast Sandwich

5 Healthy Dairy-Free Breakfast Ideas

August 20, 2019 Comments Off on 5 Healthy Dairy-Free Breakfast Ideas

Daring to be dairy-free?

Cut dairy? Go dairy-free? I could never. Impossible. I sometimes hear this from people when I let them know I’ve cut 95% of dairy from my diet.

My response? Yes. You could. It’s possible. You might not even miss it.

I don’t miss dairy. There are plenty of delicious alternatives. Coconut milk anyone? So yum! Fruits and vegetables provide fantastic flavor. Topping my eggs with a tomato is just as pleasing to me as a slice of cheese used to be.

You may not have any reason to cut dairy from your diet. However, if you’re someone who experiences inflammation related health issues, eliminating dairy might be worth a try. I’ve been breathing and digesting better since I bid dairy farewell. There’s still plenty of delicious foods to enjoy.

Got Breakfast?

Are you a breakfast person? I am. I love French toast, omelets, and pancakes. Coming up with dairy-free breakfasts that were still delicious was a must for me.

5 Dairy-Free Breakfasts

    1. Spa-licious English Muffins. Busy morning? You can still take time to treat yo’self to a peaceful, delicious breakfast. It only takes a moment. Use Katz Gluten Free English Muffins (they’re dairy free and nut free too). Spread Kite Hill Strawberry Cream Cheese on them – it’s almond milk based. Then top with berries, a little honey, and fresh mint. A spa-goodness experience requiring hardly any effort.Dairy Free English Muffins with Kite Cream Cheese
    2. Egg and Roasted Red Pepper on Toast. I love it, because it’s simple and flavorful. I spray a little avocado oil in a pan and heat it up on medium. Then, pull a roasted red pepper from the jar and squeeze out its excess juice using a paper towel. Then, I heat it up in the pan. While the pepper is cooking, I whisk my eggs (one egg, one egg white, one teaspoon of water, salt and pepper to taste). Once the pepper is nice and hot, I transfer it to a plate so I can cook up my eggs. I pop a piece of whole grain dairy-free bread in the toaster while they’re cooking. When the toast is ready, I put some Smart Balance Light Omega-3 Buttery Spread onto it. Then I top with the egg and the roasted red pepper. Easy. Yummy. It might take all of fifteen minutes to make.
      Dairy Free Breakfast: Toast, Egg, and Roasted Red Pepper
    3. Healthy-ish Monte Cristo. This one is more effortful. I recommend making it on the weekend. When I did it, I prepped Overnight Lemon-Cream French Toast Cups on Friday afternoon. The recipe calls for fat-free milk and cream cheese. I used unsweetened coconut milk and Kite Hill Plain Cream Cheese – it’s almond milk based. I baked the French toast cups on Saturday morning. Chris and I ate a couple before going to the Farmers Market. Those were yum-o enough. On Sunday, I toasted the leftover cups in a pan. I warmed up the strawberry sauce from the recipe in the microwave. Then, I cooked up some DiLusso Golden Brown Turkey and Low Sodium Ham. I mixed together a little bit of honey and dijon mustard and spread it onto the French toast cups. After that, I layered on the meat on the cups. Then, I topped that goodness off with strawberry sauce, blueberries, and a little Swerve confectioners sugar substitute.
      Dairy Free Monte Cristo-ish Breakfast
    4. ELT Breakfast Sandwich. Fry up an egg using a little avocado oil. Toast some bread. Slice a tomato. Snack on extra tomato slices while cooking up your breakfast. That’s what I do anyway. Put some dairy-free buttery spread on your toast. Stack on the egg, lettuce, and tomato. Enjoy your simple and easy, good-for-you breakfast.Tomato Egg and Lettuce Breakfast Sandwich
    5. Scratch Dairy-Free Protein Pancake. It’s as easy as whisking together dry and wet ingredients, combining them,  and putting them in the pan to cook. When it comes to protein powder, be sure to use a plant-based one. Click here for the recipe.Dairy Free Pancake