Financial mission takers

Planting financial focus. Harvesting savings.

September 14, 2018 Comments Off on Planting financial focus. Harvesting savings.

Getting focused.

You get what you focus on. Motivational speakers, life coaches, and sales gurus say this to their audiences. You know why? It’s true (imho). I’ve been focusing on saving money and have been finding savings all over the place.

I haven’t been a believer in the focus theory. I’ve smiled, nodded, and agreed-ish. Then, this week, I realized that when it comes to focus, it’s a matter of levels.

For the past month or so, I’ve been listening to financial expert Dave Ramsey every time I’m in my car. When I lift weights, run up and down the stairs, do burpees, and walk the track, I listen to Dave Ramsey instead of high bpm tunes.

Financial mission takers

Ready to take on our next financial mission.

My fiance and I are taking his Financial Peace University together. And, I’ve been reading Ramsey Personality, Chris Hogan’s book Retire Inspired ( I look at our EveryDollar budget daily. To be honest, I look at it several times throughout the day. I tell people that I am indoctrinating myself into the savings culture, because it’s the only way for me to get it done.

Harvesting savings.

On Monday Night Date Night, we stayed home and it was my fiance’s idea. He used to be the one encouraging us to indulge more. Not anymore.

Tuesday morning I had a free hour-long session with a personal trainer and developed a strength training circuit that I’ll do once a week in addition to the SpartaChris. Why was it free? I’ve been accumulating points at the Rochester Athletic Club for months through their Perkville Points program. There are many tempting things to get on the way to that many points: gift certificates to use in the cafe, or at the boutique, hydromassages, etc.

During our lunch break we ate homemade personal pizzas. Then,¬†we both drove to the HyVee gas station so we could take advantage of our FuelSaver Perks. They allow up to 20 gallons at a time. We saved about $15. It wasn’t all that many months ago that we would drop $30 on lunch in a restaurant several times a week.

Then, that afternoon the ThredUp clothing I ordered for our grandson arrived. ThredUp is a massive online consignment company. Everything was in top condition and it all fit him. I saved $157 off of original retail.


ThredUP finds for our grandson.

On Wednesday, as I checked my email before heading out to work my 2nd job, I noticed a message from my grandson’s preschool offering free Minnesota Science Museum tickets. I was able to order 7 tickets, so the entire family can go without having to pay entry fees. It’s a 90-minute drive and I’m sure we’ll have to eat at some point. Yet, going to interesting places seems overwhelming with a house full of people. We’re not passing up this sort of opportunity.

When I was at my 2nd job, the part-time gig, one of my co-workers brought in apples from her parents’ apple tree. The ones she brought in are delicious! I love apples. At $3+ per pound, I feel guilty buying them. A bag of free apples? I am so in. Now they’re on my kitchen counter. On Saturday, I plan to bake up some treats with them. So long as we don’t eat them all first. Seriously delicious!

Toward the end of my shift a pizza shop near the restaurant I work at brought us a couple of free boxes of pizza. It’s delicious. I was able to make a free dinner of it and bring home leftovers for my guy and one of his son’s to make lunch of it the next day. I love getting to save money and make money all at once.

Because I’ve sewn focus on it

I believe I’m harvesting savings, because I’m sowing energy on our finances. Saving dollars has never been so exciting to me. I love seeing the balance of what I’m spending go down because of the coupon I’ve clipped, or the points program I’m in. Are there ways that you love to save? Please send them my way at