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Monday Night Date Night Moved Home

February 20, 2018 Comments Off on Monday Night Date Night Moved Home

Monday Night Date Night has been a must since our first date, which (as you might guess) was on a Monday. At the time I was a journalist-bartender-server-acting teacher. My guy owns a software company. Our schedules made staying out late on a Monday night work. That date was on October 12th, 2015. We haven’t missed a date night since the first.

Making cranky faces for the camera early in our dating life.

This past year we had a couple of date night challenges:

In late July, we were on a road trip with five of Chris’s seven children from Rochester, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois, to New York City. We had to do it all within 7 days. On Monday afternoon we left Chicago for NYC. We found a Ruby Tuesday in a small town in Indiana and made the kids sit at a separate table. At the time they ranged in age from 11 to 17, so they were fine. They do tell people about it and how it is one of those cringe-y things about the two of us.

Christmas and New Year’s Day both fell on Mondays. On both we found restaurants that were open.

Now we have bought and moved into a gorgeous house that we enjoy cooking and eating in. And, we we do have much we want to do and buy, so…we are now having date night at home.


Our gorgeous new kitchen

What I love about date night at home:

  • It’s us. Just us. Well, just us and Lucy (our Jack Russell Terrier). Lucy Writing With Me
  • There are no television screens, cell phones, or computers. There are no interruptions to our conversation.
  • We do not have to wait for a server to stop by our table, ask us what we want to drink, ask the bartender to make our drink so that he or she can then bring it to our table.
  • We make our own music selections (and control the volume of the music). Last night we decided on Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr.
  • We control the ambiance. Now that I think of it, I should invest in some romantic table settings!
  • In addition to being great for our financial budget, moving date night home is good for our calorie budget. In the past, when I’ve gotten on the scale Tuesday morning my weight is either the same or up half a pound. Today, the scale had me down another half pound. Instead of giving into temptation and ordering creme brulee after a somewhat indulgent meal, I can have dark chocolate covered strawberries dipped in pistachios (instead of the semi-sweet chocolate called for in the recipe, I used Ghirardelli dark chocolate). They’re decadent, delicious, and a don’t break the calorie bank.

I need to work on my making food pics pretty. It was Monday Night Date Night though! What’s a girl to do?