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Warning: Total Diet Derailment

March 9, 2019 Comments Off on Warning: Total Diet Derailment

Diet Derailment

Last night, on the food consumption front, I was a disaster. We went out to dinner at the Redwood Room. It’s atmosphere is a salve for weary winter blues. Pasta, pizza, beer, wine and craft cocktails are served in its basement filled with dark wooden tables, booths with cushions a rich shade of red that reminds me of grandparents old house. An acoustic band began to play as we finished our meals.

The aftermath of what I ate and drank yesterday has been on my mind since I woke. I’ve developed a habit of flogging myself with regret in the mornings about what I ate the night before. Do you ever do that? It sucks.

I need to get disciplined and stop derailing myself from my goals. After all, there is a wedding dress that I want to look stunning in when I wear it in seven months. When I travel across the pond to England for the first time, I want to be thin and able to indulge while I’m there.

What I consumed at Redwood Room:

Two pieces of warm bread that I dipped into the olive oil on the table.
One and a half Risotto Cake Fritters dipped in a tomato sauce that probably had some cream in it.
Two slices of meaty pizza
A bite of chicken.
Two Aviations (a delicious gin craft cocktail)

Then, after we were home for a bit, I had a glass of prosecco and a coconut milk ice cream sandwich (thank God, yes God that it was only 100 calories and very low on the fat and sugar front).

I have no excuses…

I hadn’t even starved myself during the day! I’d exercised for an hour and fifteen minutes and went grocery shopping. A stubborn wheel on the cart I pushed did give me a bit more of a workout than I normally get while shopping. Although – my gosh – with what I purchased the cashier and bagger would have never guessed that I would be having such an indulgent meal. I bought Atkins meal replacement shakes, Muscle Milk powder, lettuce, salad, chicken, (well and hamburger and Italian sausage, so maybe), protein bars, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Hundreds of dollars worth of good intentions went down the conveyor belt into bags I brought from home. Then, I went out with my family and ate and drank and ate.

Today is a new day and it’s Saturday.

On Saturdays I do tend to spend about four hours at the gym:
9:20 Step
10:30 Vinyasa Yoga
12:15 SpartaChris
In between sessions, I walk the track or get on an elliptical.

This morning, I ate Kodiak Cakes Blueberry Chia Protein Waffles topped with a bit of Smart Balance butter, and fresh blueberries,restoring faith in myself.

Today I will count calories. I will consume the calories someone who wants to lose 15 pounds should consume. I can have my fun and indulgences without losing my blessed f*ing mind.