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Now that I have a Fitbit

January 18, 2018 Comments Off on Now that I have a Fitbit

Now that I have the Fitbit Alta HR, my first, I am becoming extra data driven about my weight loss journey. I wish I were equally discipline driven, but I’m getting there.

Many months of my year seem to consist of one celebration or get together after another and for that I’m grateful. We have our Monday Night Date Nights, every other Friday Happy Hour, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and then all of the other social fun and traveling. It’s a tough life, but if somebody has to live it…okay, fine. I will.

It can be easy to kick the “being good” can down the road with so many opportunities to indulge. With some help from the Fitbit on my wrist and I’m making at least some better choices in between all of the fun I’ve been having.

When it comes to being fit, doing good for your body, and having fun, sometimes it’s all about what one can at least manage to do. And right now, I’m at least learning a thing or two from my Fitbit.

What I’m Learning from my Fitbit:

        • For weight loss I’m going to need to take more than 12,000 steps a day.
        • Babysitting my granddaughter for a couple of hours is a great way to get in an extra 2,000 steps. She is one super speedy crawler and has set her mind on getting her hands on Lucy’s food. Lucy is our Jack Russell Terrier. So far, I have been winning and she has not had a bite of dog food.





    • Another way to get 2,000 steps is to do a quick clean up of our house. ADHD comes in clutch for getting the extra steps in while getting work done around the house.
    • There are more opportunities to move in a day then I’d considered before. Last weekend, I ran up and down stairs while my high protein Kodiak Cakes Cornbread Muffins were baking. If I haven’t taken 250 steps in an hour during the day, I stand up and step side to side as I work.

    I’ve been taking more pleasure in day to day chores that require movement. They’re steps and steps are points and calories burned and data…and I am becoming a data driven nerd. How about you? Do you track your steps? What’s your daily goal?

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