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Predictions | Journal Entry 8 of 108

April 10, 2018 Comments Off on Predictions | Journal Entry 8 of 108

I was going to save this story for Modern Love, but predictions and that sense of something being up in the universe has been on my mind. So here is a rough overview:

Resistance Before Love

Patrick and I were scooping ranch dressing into disposable ramekins. It was sidework that needed to be done before either of us could clock out from the Wicked Moose for the night. Ever since I’d taken a couple of verbal tumbles at work, he and I had been more chatty than our usual.

The Verbal Tumbles:

I was bringing out the first round of drinks to a group of men gathered at one of my tables.

“Don’t worry. We’re easy,” said a man as I set his Coors Light down in front of him.

“Oh good. I’ve been looking for easy men…er…I mean.” I smiled and blushed.
“Looking for easy men, huh, Mel?” asked Patrick when I was back at the server’s station.

The next day from halfway across the bar, Patrick asked, “Y’sure Mel?” We’d been deliberating on the table setup for a reservation in the books.

“You know me, I make poor life decisions,” I hollered back across the bar to him.

A couple of regulars gave me their phone numbers after that quip.

Ranch and Talking Romance

I started putting lids on the ramekins of Ranch and dated them. “R 10/9, R 10/9, R 10/9” over and over again on what must’ve been 200 ramekins of ranch.

“I bet some guy’ll come in here and you’ll fall in love and end up with him,” Patrick said.

“No. Never date anyone you wait on.” I’d learned that the hard way many years before. “That’s not happening.”

“I think it might,” said Patrick.

So there was this meme…

On October 10th,  I posted a meme that had an image of a woman and a dragon in the background. The meme said, “Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, and I will eat you whole.” I’d been feeling kind of grumpy towards men.

Then came Sunday

There was what we called the good side and the dark side at the Wicked Moose. The good side was a traditional sports bar. The dark side was a venue for concerts and benefits; and, it was literally way darker.

As I wiped down tables and drink menus on the good side, I kept thinking, I am going to meet someone important today. The other server I was working hadn’t done her makeup yet and felt a need to, so she went to a bathroom on the dark side.

At 11, our first customer of the day came in. She wasn’t sure what to do, because she was there to help with a fundraiser for a class trip to NYC and Washington D.C. that her son was going on, the Green Bay Packers were playing, and she wanted to have lunch. I invited her to grab a table she could watch the game from, let her know it was fine to go from the sports bar side to the benefit side, and took her order.

Later, her husband, brother-in-law, and children joined her. I asked if they wanted to eat and began taking their orders. When I got to the brother-in-law, he didn’t seem to be ready. I offered to come back. “No, I can do this.” He ordered the wings that were on special.

After a bit, they all went over to the benefit. Then, he and his brother came back and in between helping other tables, he and I talked. After a while his brother went back to the dark side. We talked about writing, creativity, business, and projects. He asked if I had a blog. At the time, I had one showcasing my writing. I wrote down the blog address on a small section of a serving ticket and gave it to him. It’s still in his wallet and has been put through the wash (by me) a couple of times.

This post is part of a series inspired by Eat Pray Love.