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My last month in less-than-ideal waist size jeans | Journal Entry 35 of 108

May 22, 2019 Comments Off on My last month in less-than-ideal waist size jeans | Journal Entry 35 of 108

Which month will be my last month in my less-than-ideal waist size jeans? May is almost gone, so probably not May. June? Maybe June.

For the past two years, I haven’t paid full price for a nice pair of jeans. Why? I’m not spending more than $100 on jeans that will be too big for me soon. Perhaps some perpetual optimism has been at work, because I haven’t dropped a size in those two years. I’ve just hovered in place.

Back in 2013, I went from a size 13 down to a size 6. At the beginning of the year, my weight was in the high 180s, maybe even 190. I didn’t go to a gym, or look at a scale in early 2013. By that August, I dropped to the mid-150s and started stepping on a scale daily.

How did I lose 30 pounds?

It’s a bit embarrassing to share that all it took was exercising for stress relief instead of drinking Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas and reducing portion sizes a bit. Instead of a medium white mocha with skim milk and less whip, I started ordering a small one with an extra shot of espresso and no whip. I started picking off excess bread from the tops of buns and on the edges of sandwiches. Really though, I’m convinced it was the elliptical and limiting Lime-A-Ritas to the weekend that sent most of those pounds packing.

There were other factors at work. I did leave a dead-end job with a toxic team and work that was well below my abilities for a sales position at a car dealership. Sure, there were some toxic personalities at the dealership, but in commissioned sales, I felt empowered and worked to my potential — my personal edge (in yoga-speak).

When I decided that I wanted to lose more weight, my fiance and I went Paleo. I dropped from the mid-150s to 160 pounds down to 145 pounds, give or take a few.

This past February and March, I was struggling to keep my weight below 148. In April, I started Precision Nutrition and have returned back to 145, give or take a pound.

Setting a date for reaching my ideal waist size:

I am 1.25 inches from what I think my personal, ideal waist size is: 26.5 inches. It’s a number I came to from the most trusted resource: the internet. Several articles from various resources tout that as the waist size to have, especially for my five foot six inch frame.

As of my last measurements, I have 1.25 inches to lose from my waist. That’s all! Maybe this will be my last month in my less-than-ideal waist size jeans!

After doing some more, quality internet research, it looks like 1 pound of weight loss equals about one quarter of an inch. I did also look at the two sets of measurements I’ve taken while following the Precision Nutrition program and those stats seem to correlate. I might be a mere five pounds from where I want my waist to be.

Maybe my goal should be a 26 inch waist, given life’s inevitable fluctuations. It’s a thought to consider. Just a thought.

Health over Inches

Overall health is more important than goal inches. Tomorrow I will meet with one of the personal trainers at the Rochester Athletic Club to get an In-Body Assessment. It’s been two years since my last one. I don’t expect that much has changed, yet I feel it’s best to know my numbers. Doing the assessment will tell me where my body fat percentage is at. After it, I should also know how far is too far to go.

Body image is a tricky thing. There are times that I feel as though I’m chunky and bloated. Then, I look at a picture and think, “Dang! My legs have come a long way. I like my shoulders. I should be happy with where I’m at!” That’s allowed, right? Being happy with where one is at?

I just realized that I have managed to avoid my own task. What day should I set for reaching my ideal waist size? To keep on with the idea that slow and steady wins the race, I think July 4th might be just right. It’s six weeks away. I’ve been averaging a pound per week and a quarter inch per pound, so it gives me one extra week should I need it. Besides, the 4th of July, is about more than independence. It’s about achievement too.

What are your fitness goals and how do you plan to achieve them? I’d love to know! Let’s connect on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

This post is part of a series inspired by Eat Pray Love.