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Making Good Money and Saving It

October 30, 2017 Comments Off on Making Good Money and Saving It

I favor working smart, making good money, and spending it with some wisdom. I do not like buying stuff for stuff’s sake. A sale only draws me in when it’s on something I really want. When it comes to “taking advantage of savings,” I’m selective.

End of season sales rarely interest me, because why would I want to buy what is no longer going to be in style or even wearable? Seasons in Rochester, Minnesota are not very forgiving. A cute, short skirt will not often make it beyond mid-October. Instead, I favor programs that allow me to save year-round on items I want and will use that also offer me the benefit of earning referral dollars.

A note on making good money, because it’s important to me. Good money to me is money earned with integrity. I was raised Catholic. Every meal came with a side of guilt (just kidding, it wasn’t so bad). Guilt is something I feel easy and sometimes for reasons others find ridiculous. If I do not love a product, service, or program, I will not write about it.

Back to the good stuff…

Sharing is caring, so one of the ways I make money is by promoting products and programs that I believe in. You can too.

My Top 3 Saving and Money-Making Hacks:

  1. Ebates:I remember my Dad taking the time to fill out mail-in rebates on purchases when I was a kid. So long as the rebate was worth more than the cost of the stamp to put it in the mail, he filled out the form and sent it in. I’m sure he still does it. He made sure that I had Dave Ramsey‘s Total Money Makeover Audiobook. When it comes to good angel of financial reason standing on my shoulder, it’s usually my Dad. He and I just have different ways of going about it.Mail-In forms are just too much work for me. Instead, I like the ease of earning a percentage of what I spend back by using Ebates. I filled out my information once. Now when I want to buy something online, I search for the store I want to shop from, select it, and start earning my rebate as I shop. Ebates has a huge selection of retailers that they work with. Even if you are part of a loyalty program like Amazon Prime (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial), you can still take advantage of what Ebates has to offer. Once you’re signed up you can earn even more by referring friends, family, and whomever to Ebates. When they sign up using your link, they receive $10 and you receive $25. Click here to get started.
  2. Rent the Runway: I have a small closet. I want a large wardrobe full of quality, designer fashions. It’s a lot like having champagne taste on a beer budget. My solution: Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Membership. They send me 4 items at a time that I can keep for as long as I want. When I send them back, I get to pick out new selections.  Rent the Runway (RTR) also offers a referral program. As a RTR customer, when I refer someone they receive $30 off their order. When their order ships, I receive $30. Click here to get started.

    In Rent the Runway looks this past week (left to right): All business with Gina, my friend and mentor. Taking a break from prepping to take the stage for the first time at Goonie’s Comedy Club’s Open Mic Night. Feeling preppy and walking our puppy, Lucy.

  3. JAFRA: Since 5th grade, I have had fussy, troublesome skin. When I started using JAFRA 7 years ago, it began to settle down. Now, I feel great about my skin most days. Since their skincare is not able to eliminate my hormonal fluctuations, I do still get the occasional rogue offender (pimple). JAFRA is a home-based business, which means I can work from anywhere at anytime, if I want to. Some people to join strictly to save and have no interest in selling.  The holidays are a great time to become a “shopping consultant.” There are so many great gifts that can be put together from JAFRA’s selection. I love helping smart shoppers. To learn more or get started, email melissa@40fitnstylish.com.


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