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Living the Dream | Journal Entry 10 of 108

April 12, 2018 Comments Off on Living the Dream | Journal Entry 10 of 108

Whose dream are you living?

What’s your price? How much do you need to be paid to work on someone else’s dream?

Throughout my life I have put my dreams on hold, because I thought making money was more important. Sometimes, it was. Dreams are harder to pursue when destitute. After all, food and shelter matter.

In the past, I thought in terms of being paid for my time.

From now on, the question I’m asking when presented with an opportunity is:

How much do I need to be paid to put my dreams on hold, so that I can work on someone else’s dreams?

That creates a bit of a shift, doesn’t it? When someone hires me, it’s not for my benefit. It’s for theirs. The job may benefit me, if it leads me in the direction of my dreams.

What’s your dream?

Have you forgotten? Or, do you wonder if the dream you once had is still one you want?  After my divorce, I tried everything that I’d felt discouraged about pursuing: acting, baking, and cooking. Note: I felt discouraged. There is no point (nor definitive accuracy) in assigning blame to anyone outside of myself. I have discerned that my dreams include writing, creating, being fit, baking, and cooking. Soon, I may be giving singing onstage with a band a go (we shall see).


 In the pursuit of dreams here is some sage advice from others…

Ever since I read The 5 Second Rule during a flight from Rochester, Minnesota to NYC, I’ve been a Mel Robbins fan. I saw this post of hers on Instagram today:

Mel Robbins on Guilt

Mel Robbins @melrobbinslive on Instagram


And I saw this gem in my friend Peg’s feed today:

Isn’t that the truth?

Today, my life is expanding to involve all that I want to be and explore. Things are working out. After treading water for many years, this is a nice respite. I welcome it to sit down, relax, stay awhile.

This post is part of a series inspired by Eat Pray Love.