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Gretchen Moulder photo by Melissa Tapper

Joy-fueled! wellness and weight loss. A conversation with Gretchen Moulder, R.N., B.S.N.

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May 14, 2018 Comments Off on Joy-fueled! wellness and weight loss. A conversation with Gretchen Moulder, R.N., B.S.N.

I am in solution seeking mode for breaking through my plateau to lose the final 15. Last month, at a REFINE meeting, Gretchen Moulder R.N., B.S.N. gave a presentation that piqued my interest.

You know those before and after pictures that they show on television at times one can’t help but suspect viewers are in a less than mindful place? When I see those pictures touted on television (or here on the webosphere) as “real people,” I don’t buy what they’re selling. Maybe it’s two different real people in the before and after pictures, or perhaps the images have been photoshopped. People have become more and more adept at manipulating reality since the advent of the camera.

Yet, really seeing is believing

Gretchen showed before and after pictures that were compelling. I could see her after in real life, talking in front of me. Her husband’s before and after was impressive as well. I think it’d be pretty tough to go through life lying about one’s spouse. So, while he wasn’t in the room (REFINE is a gathering of women), I believe the pictures she shared.

Gretchen Moulder before Isagenix and after.

Gretchen Moulder before Isagenix and after.

I just had to know more and Gretchen was gracious enough to make time to share more about how Isagenix has helped her and her Joy-Fueled! clients be well (and lose weight if that’s the goal).

Gretchen Moulder photo by Melissa Tapper

Photo by Melissa Tapper

Q: You look amazing. How much did you say that you’d lost? How long did it take?

A: 65 pounds in 6 months and I’ve maintained it for two and a half years. I went hardcore. I wanted life change, health change, and lifestyle change. It required me to think and act in a different way than ever before. I didn’t want just a diet and I didn’t do it to look good in a little black dress, or in a bikini.

Gretchen feels that her body is a gift from God. “I know I wasn’t taking care of that gift.”

In order to treat it like a gift, she wanted to make changes that would be sustainable. “I wanted to make it my friend and my ally instead of something that I was not thinking about at all and treating horribly. It is a lifelong thing. I don’t have everything figured out.”

She’s approaching her fitness journey with grace. “You have to have moderation. I’m not the person who is never having the delicious homemade good. They have to be a part of life. I’m being a lot more mindful of when I choose to say yes.”

Q: Do you ever work with people who are trying to fight through a plateau? I’m totally just asking for a friend.

A: I get excited to work with people that’ve already done the work to show that they’re committed to being healthy. With the secret weapon of cleansing, they get their massive jump start again. If they’ve already been on it [Isagenix], I start asking about their lifestyle. Maybe their water intake isn’t right, or maybe they’re not sleeping enough, or they’re working out too hard and their body is hanging onto everything because it’s scared. A lot of times people are pushing themselves so hard every morning when really, they’d see a change in their body if they got an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

Our bodies get so used to what we’re doing sometimes we need to switch it up. Change what we’re eating, or doing physically. There’s lots of different ways to respond to plateaus.

Q: What is the cleanse process like?

A: What their cleanse looks like depends on people’s own health goals. We’re all doing it in different ways at different times in different seasons.

When Gretchen is in what she called “major weight loss mode” she does two day cleanses twice per month. “The first day depletes your carb storage, day two is fat burning.” Those who just want to feel better may do one day per week of cleansing during the first month.

“For myself, long-term what it’s looked like is two day cleanses once per month, or once every three weeks or so,” Gretchen said. “When sugar is knocking on my door, it will reset my resolve. I’m in control of my body, so I’m telling it what it’s going to get.

Q: What’s going on during the cleanse?

A: There’s a 12-hour, hourly schedule throughout the day. First, four ounces of the Cleanse for Life Berry Drink with Aloe Vera Plant Botanicals. One hour later, two little Isagenix wafers so the body doesn’t go into starvation mode. Third, a healthy chocolate. You do that three hour thing, four times throughout the day: cleanse, snack wafer, chocolate. It keeps your body on track. Every time you’re getting the hunger pain, there’s a next thing on the schedule. It’s a nice, simple structure, so that people can do it on their crazy days.

Q: What does trying it for 30-days look like?

A: There are 26 shake days. A shake day is one where you replace two meals with shakes, then you have a healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a healthy clean-fork meal in the evening. You’re fueling the metabolism, putting kindling on instead of dumping logs on it. The other four days are cleanse days. It’s flexible. You can look at it and say what works for you this month – what are your goals?

Q: Is there a time you envision being done with the system?

A: I see myself using it always. I would say I’m a foodie, but not if I need to make it. I love the convenience of the shakes. I like that I have options. It also means I know how to fuel myself. I get what I need for 240 calories. Without Isagenix keeping the calories and the right mix of macronutrients would be a little bit harder.

Q: What makes Isagenix different?

A: How they do the nutrition and the no-compromise in the ingredients.

Cellular cleansing terrified me. I never thought I’d be the girl that fasted. As a medical professional, this is what we’re not talking about with people. In Western medicine, we tell people to eat less, move more. Yet, we have things that aren’t supposed to be in our body. We’re very unique in how we do convenient nutrition and we’re making it accessible to everyone.

Gretchen shared that when a supplier doesn’t measure up to Isagenix’s standards, they stop working with them even if it means not having enough of a supply to keep up with demand. “That alone gives me so much confidence and faith in the quality.”

They use undenatured protein. “What it means is that we don’t bring the protein up to a boiling temperature. We have cool mist processing that protects the protein to be exactly as it is in nature and doesn’t break up the building blocks of protein.”

Since Isagenix is a person-to-person company growing based on referrals and by working with individual business builders like herself, when a person purchases the product they are not on their own. They become part of a community of people striving toward improved wellness.

According to Gretchen, Isaglow is a thing. “Their skin looks incredible, they have this glow, because of the trace minerals and ingredients.” I believe her, because there’s definitely a glow about her.

Isagenix has made it onto my list of potential plateau busting solutions. I will be exploring and sharing all kinds of possible ways of working through a plateau as I try to get my body wedding dress shopping ready. My goal is to begin shopping this August (wedding is Oct. ’19).

Follow Gretchen on Instagram @gretchenmoulder. If Isagenix is something you’re thinking of trying, connect with Gretchen by calling or texting her at 651-206-1263, emailing her at gmoulder@blc.edu, or send her message on Facebook. She (and reps like her) are able to get their clients wholesale pricing instead of the advertised retail prices. Buyer beware: The company does not sell through other channels, so if you see product on Amazon or similar advertised, chances are that it is not the licensed product.

Note: Since this is a product focused post, I do want to share that I am not in any way profiting from Isagenix or Gretchen. No payment has been made or free product given to influence the thoughts and opinions expressed.