Creme Brulee Energy Bites

Fit Snack Recipe: Creme Brulee Energy Bites

April 12, 2019 Comments Off on Fit Snack Recipe: Creme Brulee Energy Bites

Looking for a guilt-free sweet fix that you can carry anywhere? Creme Brulee Energy Bites to the rescue. I’ve noticed that a lot of energy bite recipes call for fresh Medjool Dates. When I went to buy some from our local grocery store and saw the price for a package ($6.99 on sale) I thought no way! Spending that much money on something I wasn’t sure would work felt out of the question. This recipe calls for dried dates soaked in water. Those, I can buy at the grocery store for $2.99 per bag. Much more sensible.

  • Instructions

    After dates have soaked for 10 minutes, drain water and put them into a food processor, or blender. Then add the Almond Butter. Pulse a few times. Add the powder and granola. Blend as well as your processor, or blender will allow. If it gets stuck (like mine did), mash and stir in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Then roll into balls by hand using about a tablespoon of the batter for each one. Put them in the fridge to set for about 10 minutes.

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  • Creme Brulee Energy Bites

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