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5 of My Favorites in 2018…So far

January 22, 2018 Comments Off on 5 of My Favorites in 2018…So far

I’ve been loving 2018…so far. This past week or so has been extra grand, so I thought I should do a list of favorites from it. Maybe one of them (or a bunch of them) will give you some ideas about what to do before the first month of the year is done.

Five of My Current Favorites:

The Collider Coworking Happy Hour at Bleu Duck Kitchen.

Collider Happy Hour at Bleu Duck

Collider Happy Hour at Bleu Duck, Picture from @collider_mn instagram

Chris and I go every other Friday from 4p.m. to 5ish…Paul crafts up amazing cocktails and good conversation (as time allows him). It’s a tradition that started when we had desk spaces at Collider, located above Bleu Duck Kitchen. We continue to go to spend time with the friends we made while office-ing there. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer in Rochester, it wouldn’t hurt to stop in, grab a drink, and say hello. It’s a friendly and talkative group. Bleu Duck Kitchen serves the smoothest (and sneakiest) margarita in town (imho).

And then we head off to Happy Hour Part 2 for more great times! Dinner and Drinks with Rochester’s Favorite Power Couple: Shark aka Shannon and Mark. With them, we’re always switching up where we eat.

The Post.

The Post was everything I expected a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks to be. Amazing.

I had no idea who Katherine Graham was before watching the film or that any woman had a role of significance or involvement in The Pentagon Papers. My guess is that they failed to mention that detail in our history textbooks. I loved the movie so much that I listened to Katherine Graham’s Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography, Personal History.
Personal History
The book did not disappoint.

Colors and the JAFRA Color Sale.

Wearing JAFRA cosmetics and a Turtleneck and Jacket from Rent the Runway

I was interviewing a stylish woman for a piece I’m working on for the Post Bulletin. We talked about how we’d had enough of the blacks and grays of winter! She had on a black shirt and a gorgeous, colorful Dolce & Gabbana scarf she’d purchased as a panel from Ginny’s Fine Fabrics where she works. I was wearing a black pants and a black turtleneck.

We talked about how we’ve both had enough of winter’s bleak blacks and grays. We looked around the new Panera on the Rochester’s south side. Apart from two beige shirts, every customer was wearing black or gray. Not. Even. Kidding.

That’s why I’m SO excited about color and why I think January is the PERFECT time to stock up on it. It’s time. Spring will come. Really. It will. You can view January’s JAFRA brochure here.

Fitness Progress.

Yes, it’s true. Veggies are helpful and good for you. After two days of making them take up the majority of my plate at all of my meals, I lost two pounds (finally!). Check out this piece from My Fitness Pal’s blog and read about how loading up your plate with veggies can help with portion control.

And, in other exciting progress, my guy squeezed my butt yesterday and said it seems more muscular. He didn’t even know that in Ballet Fit, as we releve and such, our instructor says, “Squeeze. Squeeze your butt now, so someone else will squeeze it later!”

I had a feeling she knows what she’s talking about and now I know she does.

Shopping for and negotiating on a house.

Sometimes our life moves at such a pace! We’ve been talking about wanting to buy a house. Chris and I are at a refresh point in our life. So for the past three years we’ve been renting (for two of those, we’ve been renting together). Two weeks ago we decided to look for a house. One week ago we made an offer and negotiated it with the help of Marcia Gehrt and Beth Nordaune of The Nordaune Team. We felt that we received expert help and are excited about the move. And, I’m excited to share pictures of our new digs once we start moving in and decorating.

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