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Elle and Marie Claire September Issues

What’s the best thing about August? The September Issue!

August 14, 2017 Comments Off on What’s the best thing about August? The September Issue!

What’s the September Issue?

Each year, the September issue marks the beginning of the year in fashion. For magazines like Vogue,  Elle, and Marie Claire, it’s the largest issue of the year. On Sunday morning I checked Amazon to see if Vogue’s September issue was available yet and found that it could be purchased and at my home in 2 days. Being an instant gratification person, I beelined it to Barnes & Noble to see if they had it available there yet. No dice. They did have Marie Claire’s September issue, so I bought that.

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Once back home, I ordered Vogue’s September issue from Amazon using my boyfriend’s Prime Account. I’ll have it on Tuesday! I should really just get a subscription. The wait for me is about as bad as the wait to opening presents on Christmas morning.

As a school kid, I was a fashion nerd who struggled to execute looks. I watched Sunday Mornings with Elsa Klensch on CNN. French seemed to be the language of fashion, so it was the language I chose to study. I knew about grunge fashion before I knew about the music behind the movement.

Past Fashion-forward Foibles

When I was 10, I wore fancy, slouchy fake leather boots that went halfway up my calves at Apache Mall. Some teenage guy took it upon himself to let me know that I was too young for the boots. He was all scoff-ish and unkind. I don’t think I had the courage to wear them again.

Before 7th grade, the most awkward year ever regardless, I saw the hair of a model in a magazine. My hair is coarse, thick and curly. I thought that with a few clips here and there I could create an ethereal and chic look like hers. So, I snipped away in the bathroom while my parents were at work. The result: I spent my junior high years with what I look back on as my triangle head years.

There was the time I read a DIY fashion idea in Seventeen magazine (or similar) about turning a button down shirt into a skirt. I wore navy leggings. took a pink, blue, and white button down shirt and buttoned it around my legs and waist using the sleeves as a sort of knotted waist. I can’t remember the shirt I wore with it for the top. I do remember my friends kindly suggesting that I might not want to wear that to school again. Ever.

Oh and…I think I was the only one in my school to have a one-piece batik-slash-tie-dye-hippie-esque one piece jumpsuit. I wore it mostly to theatre classes and rehearsals where it felt safe to go beyond the norm of fitted high waisted jeans cuffed tight at the ankle with baggy sweatshirts that had college lettering on them.

Fashion-forward at 40

I’m grateful to be at a phase in my life when strangers compliment me on my pulled together looks. I’ve been told by an older woman on a Sunday morning that I look too good to be grocery shopping. Last night, in the locker room, a gym regular came up to me and said, “Every time you’re coming in and leaving the gym you look so perfect. I keep wondering if there’s a day I’m going to see you come in or leave in sweats and a hat.” Probably not. I’m known in a couple of my friend-groups as the fashionable one. This, however, is not true in every group, every day, in every situation. There are a lot of women who have style I so admire and rather aspire to.

It’s good to be at an age and living a life I feel comfortable expressing myself in. Now, I’m looking forward to reading through the magazines and selecting styles to recreate with discernment. I’ll be honest, the level of discernment may be influenced by a bit by the daring whimsy I’ve been missing about myself .Have you seen the avant-garde layering look with skinny ankle jeans, tulle midi skirts, and tight t-shirts? So fun!

What’s your favorite look of the upcoming season?