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The Wedding Planning Begins

October 23, 2017 Comments Off on The Wedding Planning Begins

I’m so glad I attended Unveiled by The Wedding Guys at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday. I almost didn’t go, because our wedding is so far away (725 days left as of this morning), the Vikings game was on; and, our house had been burglarized Friday night.

On the Burglary

I know I cannot drop the word burglarized and leave it there like the shattered glass from our oven door that we cleaned up when we returned Sunday morning. We had gone to Minneapolis with 4 of Chris’s children. One son who had to work during the weekend agreed to puppy-sit our Lucy for cash.

Lucy Writing With Me

Lucy writing with me. Isn’t she adorbs?

He decided to have a party at our house. On Saturday morning, we were informed that our home had been burglarized. We have received multiple stories regarding what happened. I believe none.

My future sister-in-law who has agreed to be my Matron of Honor and her husband (my future brother-in-law) recovered Lucy from our house on Saturday. They also FaceTimed us the damage, so we’d know what to expect when we returned.

On Sunday, I felt like hanging out with my future family, watching the game, and seeing our puppy. Stubbornness and the modest amount of money I’d spent on the ticket to Unveiled kept me from missing it. I am not letting what idiot teenagers do alter my day or prevent me from fulfilling my agenda. So, I made it to Unveiled.

Back to the Good Stuff

Thanks to Top Tier Delights, I now know that I rather like Lavender Macarons. Watching the fashion show featuring gowns that Mestad’s carries helped me realize that I want a dress that’s somewhat modest and traditional. Before the show, I hadn’t thought of bridesmaid dresses having pockets. That’s a handy feature for a bridesmaid dress to have! I know one bridesmaid that’ll need it for tissue or a handkerchief. She’s prone to tears and it’s one of the endearing things that I love about her.

Wedding Dress I Want

I loved this dress. Though one never knows until trying them on what will work best.

Before I attended Unveiled, I thought we’d most likely find a venue in the Twin Cities. We have relatives who live throughout Iowa and Minnesota, so we aren’t tied to having our special day in Rochester. However… At Unveiled I saw Svaar, the owner of Knight’s Chamber for the briefest of moments. He congratulated me. In the past, I covered his store for the Post Bulletin. When Chris and I started dating and working out together, we saw Svaar now and again at the Rochester Athletic Club. I remember Svaar saying something to me about how happy Chris and I look together. Chris remembers him coming up to him and saying we make a great couple. This was almost two years ago.

The brief moment gave me pause enough to reflect on how a wedding is a celebration of community and family. I want for us to get what we need for my future mister and his groomsmen to be from Svaar at Knight’s Chamber. I know he’ll care about the results. One way or another, I know that Michelle at Rocco’s will be doing my hair and makeup. She’s been my trusted advisor on all things hair and makeup (and sometimes men), since 2013. There’s something about Rochester being my hometown that I’ve grown to maybe love…

It was nice to look at cakes, stationary, and similar. Those are details I’ll get more serious about a year from now.

Wedding Cake HyVee Wedding Stationary

Mission Critical at this Phase of the Wedding Planning Game

  • Reserve the Event Space: Our Wedding Date is very important for us, since we want it to be on our anniversary and a Saturday: October 12, 2019. Therefore, booking our location well in advance is and imperative. That’s why we’ll be dining at Four Daughters tonight for Monday Night Date Night. We might check out Maple Valley Golf Course on our way. Then, I believe we’ll be scheduling an appointment with Somerby Golf Course and perhaps the Rochester Art Center. At the event I learned that if we have our wedding at one of the golf courses and our guests stay at a hotel, the hotel will handle shuttling guests to and from the wedding. We and most of our family and friends love a good party and we want everyone to be smart and safe.
  • Get my bod dress ready. When I try on dresses, I don’t want to be trying to imagine what my body will be like when I hit my goal weight. It’ll be far better to get to that goal wait within the next 3 months. Time will slip by faster than I think. Doesn’t it always? With that in mind and knowing that the next Unveiled in Rochester will be on January 28th, I think February 3rd, 2018 the quest for the dress will begin.
  • Get our finances wedding and future ready: Thanks to all of the materials I brought home from Unveiled, Chris and I had a great conversation about what we want our wedding day to be like. We don’t want to go into debt. Like most brides and grooms we have dreams beyond the big party (honeymoon, house buying, etc.). There is some earning and saving to be done. The two of us are up to the task. Like so many things in life, the key is executing on the plans.