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My Partner In Crime and I are Getting Hitched!

October 17, 2017 Comments Off on My Partner In Crime and I are Getting Hitched!

Chris’s Mom calls me his partner in crime. These pictures make me think she’s onto something:

The Evidence

Just over a month into our partnership, we mean-mugged his sister-in-law’s iPhone camera during Happy Hour at Newt’s. Then, on a dinner cruise in Chi-Town (Chicago), we were ready for whatever needed to be done. I ended up on stage later that day at the UP Comedy Club, living the dream. Then, I played happy-go-lucky decoy as we rode out a storm in the basement of Grand Rounds during a birthday party for Rochester Rising.

His mom’s reason for calling me Chris’s partner in crime has more to do with sunflower seeds, but…that’s a story for another time.

Monday Night Date Nights

Last night, we had Monday Night Date Night #105. On our date nights, we’ve never gone to a movie or sought distraction from one another. They have always been focused on spending time with one another, talking, enjoying one another’s company. We have not missed one, since our very first date.

At the time, I was freelancing as a writer and part-timing at a sports bar. Chris owns his own company and makes his schedule, which sounds fantastic. He works tons. However, he could make a Monday night work for our first date. I was working or busy most every other night of the week. That’s how Monday Night Date Night’s became our tradition.

It’s always exciting to know that when we wake up Monday morning to face a day of work and stress that at the end of it, we’re going to drop everything and focus on one another. Okay, sometimes we do watch football games on date night when there’s a big game or the Vikings play.

Like on Monday Night Date Night in NYC:

Otherwise, there’s no distractions.

We’ve kept them no matter the situation. Even when we were driving from Chicago to New York City in a Suburban with 5 of his kids along, we held our date night tradition. We stopped at a Ruby Tuesdays somewhere in the middle of Indiana and made the kids sit at a separate table.

They Say You Should Travel Together Before Making a Big Commitment to One Another

We’ve traveled lots together in the past two years. We’ve been to Philadelphia, New York City, and Chicago twice. Early on in our relationship, we went on an epic road trip through Iowa with Chris’s parents. We’ve gone to St. Cloud more times than I can remember and Up North to a cabin of some sorts 3 times. Our last trip was to Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City elevator about to workout together.

Our 1st Trip to Philadelphia

An Up North Cabin Getaway

My guy claims he’s not a romantic. Yet, he often opens doors for me. He sends me sweet texts for no reason. He also does awesome little things like edit my grocery list:

And on our 2nd Anniversary…

I thought we were going out to dinner and nothing more. Nothing. And, I was kind of mopey about the nothingness.

At about the time we were to head out for dinner, he told me had an urgent request from one of his top customers. He owns a software company. This sort of thing is part of our day to day life.

I went upstairs to do my makeup and took my time, because I figured it’d be a bit before we could leave. When I started to come downstairs he told me he had just found the coolest thing ever and that he messaged it to me and that I needed to check my messages.

“I don’t have any new texts from you.”

“I sent it in Messenger.”

We barely use Facebook Messenger. I scrolled through the message he sent, barely reading it, my eyes scanning for a link to some big tech idea. At the bottom of the message it said, “Melissa, will you marry me?”


He got down on one knee. His hand (which was a little trembly) held a box with a ring in it from Laskers.


We kissed and hugged. Then he explained that he’d sent the message in Messenger, because it was how he first asked me out. I went back and read his entire proposal. I remembered how we used to have such long conversations via Messenger before we’d exchanged numbers. Then, we went out to where we had our first meal together, Grand Rounds.

Our date is set: October 12th, 2019. While it does seem like forever and a day away, it’s when our anniversary will be on a Saturday. There’s much to do between now and then. We’ll be visiting our 1st potential wedding and receptions location, The Van Dusen Mansion on Friday morning.

When it comes to preparations and planning for our wedding, I’m so glad to be a bit older and wiser. I now have the wisdom to know that beginning a diet and exercise plan a month before our big day isn’t going to work. Ditto for skin care. Happily, I have good habits in these areas that just need some improving on.

Far more important than any of that, of course, I’m so glad that I’ll be marrying my forever partner in crime. The guy I wake up giggling with. The one who makes me laugh when I’m grumpy (and when I’m not) and gives me a hug when I’m anxious about something (and when I’m not). He’s so funny, calm, caring, understanding, intelligent, and so much more.