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NYFW (New York Fashion Week) I’m Ready for You! Thanks to Mainstream Boutique

September 1, 2017 Comments Off on NYFW (New York Fashion Week) I’m Ready for You! Thanks to Mainstream Boutique

New York Fashion Week

Attending a New York Fashion Week show has been on my bucket list since I was 12, before I knew what a bucket list was. 27 years later, I’m going to one. It turns out, sometimes timing can be the Fairy Godmother that makes a wish come true.

So here’s how it all came about:

My boyfriend needs to travel to New York City for work September 7th – 12th. I’m going along and we’re spending a couple of days enjoying the Big Apple. On Monday, he will be putting a full day in onsite with a client. What’s a girl to do?

So then…

I was reading the September issue of Elle magazine and realized that NYFW would be going on. Then, I went online, found a show open to the public, booked my tickets for 3 shows, and did an inner girl-squeal. I was at my desk in a co-working space that at that particular moment had no girl in it to bond with. Instead, I texted girlfriends and celebrated as best one can via text. Then one asked, “What are you going to wear?”

OMG! Holy Expletive-fest! Panic! Don’t panic! Enlist help. Breathe. Cold clammy hands and profuse sweating don’t appear to be coming in style anytime soon. Must gain control of self and be cool, confident, and composed.

Shopping for New York Fashion Week

I’m a bit terrified of looking frumpy or way behind the times at NYFW. Equally terrifying is looking like I’m trying too hard. I want to look like I belong.

My search began at a consignment store. While I did find and buy a few fun and cute pieces, I didn’t try on anything that screamed I should wear this while sitting front row at a fashion show. Then I went to the mall. Everything at a mall seems to be so everywhere. One shop I went to had dresses that were wrinkled a salesperson telling me to go a size larger than I should so that the dress would be long enough. Everything I tried on looked like I’d put on a bag and given up on life.

I was about to go into another store when a moment of shopping genius struck. I’d interviewed Jennelle Stemper at Mainstream Boutique before for a shopping column I wrote for the Post Bulletin. A friend had just posted about a fantastic dress she’d found there during the store’s anniversary sale. Mainstream Boutique has limited quantities of select items that can’t be found just anywhere.

When genius strikes, you have to go with it. Immediately. Like when Harry decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sally. One does not waste time thinking about decisions like these.

Yes, shopping for the right outfit is that serious and urgent of a matter!

When I walked into Mainstream Boutique, I saw Jennelle adjusting a display at the entrance of the store. She asked what I was looking for.

“I’m so happy to see you! I’m going to NYFW and I want something a little edgy that I can pull off.”

She was full of ideas and options and had just been to market (where many retailers buy what they’ll be carrying for the next season). She helped me pull together at least four options. Her sales team had ideas and were super helpful as well. It was so much fun trying something on, coming out and getting their opinions. I felt so happy, reassured, and ready to conquer NYFW. Well, ready to belong at a fashion show.

Mainstream Boutique Outfit

My NYFW Outfit

  • The shoes are OTBT Rexburg Wedge Pumps ($129).
  • Bralette by Coobie ($25) – SO adorbs!
  • Dear John Kingston Jeans in a Girlfriend Cut, so I was able to go 2 inches down on the waist. ($98) I would have never tried them on, because there was just the one size left. Jennelle thought they might fit due to the cut and she was right. This is why it’s so much more fun to shop at an independent retailer’s place. Or, at a place with a super knowledgeable sales staff.
  • The dress/tunic is by Umgee ($39). Also, great to have someone encourage me to give it a wear a bralette instead of a cami or t-shirt beneath. I love it when people share with me ideas on something that would have just not occurred to me.
  • Then there was the necklace / headband that Jennelle wrapped around my wrist and made into the perfect bracelet to pull the browns from the shoes ($18). We topped the outfit off with a long pendant necklace ($28).

If you’re in the Rochester, Minnesota area and you are looking for a great place to shop for women’s clothes, I highly recommend Mainstream Boutique. You can follow the store on Instagram at mainstreamboutiquerochester. Right now they are located at 2650 S Broadway, but the store will be moving to the T.J. Maxx plaza soon.

P.S. No dollars or discounts have influenced the opinions expressed. Just informed experience.