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If the jeans fit…buy them!

July 22, 2017 Comments Off on If the jeans fit…buy them!

“Waste not want not.” My 5th & 6th grade teacher Mrs. Coy said those words to our class so often that 28 years later I can still hear them. Her voice is the good angel of reason I ought to listen to.  I hear it when I’m using water, deciding on what to save for leftovers from a home cooked meal, and when I’m out shopping.

Opportunities should not be wasted, right? If there’s the opportunity to buy designer jeans that fit like a glove at an amazing price, I should seize that opportunity. Waste not, want not. Carpe Denim!

Carpe-ing the Denim

When it comes to buying jeans, I don’t want to over-invest in the relationship. I want to be able to say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” without the tears, shame, or regret. I’m not ready to commit right now and I know it. It’s the kind of wisdom one should have by 39.

I’m not ready to commit because…

Right now I’m working on becoming the fittest I’ve been since before junior high did me in. For the first time as an adult my waist size is a 28. At full retail, jeans that make me smile every time I put them on are about $200. Spending that much without feeling like I’m wasting money requires being committed to that size or having a tailor. I’m holding out until my waist is a 26.

That’s why when my jeans became loose to an awkward level, I go consignment shopping. Clothes Mentor in Rochester, MN is one of my favorite places to shop for quality consignment apparel. I may not be ready to spend full price on clothes that I’m hoping will be baggy soon, but I detest cheap clothes. When the quality isn’t there, there’s no way to really enjoy wearing whatever it is (imho).

When I stopped in to search for jeans to buy before the big road trip I would be taking from Rochester, MN to Chicago, IL, and then onto NYC, NY and back again I found:

7 for All Mankind

7 for All Mankind

7 For All Mankind Jeans Original Bootcut in Light Coastal Glow. Regular price: $178 ($22).





Denim - True Religion

True Religion

True Religion Billy Jeans Regular Price $219 or more ($25).

I tried them on, seized them and a J. Crew t-shirt (pictured) for $10 that reminded me of childhood vacation style. The sleeves have that cool early ’80s vibe to them. And, three necklaces, one is in the picture, ($6, $6, and $8).



I did not waste opportunity or money. I bought items that I value. There is nothing at this moment that I am in want of. At 39, I’m feeling that I’m learning to win the style game from every angle.