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Wearing Patagonia at Tyrol Ski and Sports

Being Eco Chic with a Little Help from Patagonia and Tyrol Ski & Sports

September 20, 2017 Comments Off on Being Eco Chic with a Little Help from Patagonia and Tyrol Ski & Sports

Odd, isn’t it? The things we remember.

For instance, I remember reading a fashion magazine that I’d conned my mom into buying me when I first learned about Patagonia. I was 12. It was late March or early April of 1990. The 20th Anniversary of Earth Day was approaching. In that nameless magazine there was an article on buying environmentally friendly fashion.

I wanted so much to change the world and save the environment. That desire didn’t prompt me to open my math or science books and study…but, I was inspired.

A Reminder of What’s Important Came Through My Feed:

The ad took me back to my pre-teen self who read books like Heaven is Under Our Feet: A Book for Walden Woods and went on hunger strikes.  I once decided to go on a hunger strike unless we started recycling more in our house. My mom’s response: she baked a delicious lasagna. I know it was delicious, because I couldn’t resist. In fairness to her, she may have started cooking the lasagna at the same time I was deciding to protest.

My decisions are a bit more evolved now at 39. I try to do the environment a solid by making responsible purchasing and recycling choices.

Looking for the right clothes to wear while appreciating the beauty of a crisp fall day?

So was I, so I went to Tyrol Ski & Sports where they sell Patagonia and other apparel and gear perfect for enjoying the outdoors in and with.


I love that the Patagonia Puffer vest’s ripstop shell and lining fabrics are made of 100% recycled polyester and that the 60-g PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco has 55% post-consumer recycled content. There’s awesome side stash pockets that fit my iPhone 6-plus in the Kavu Perfecta pants that I’m wearing.

In the above outfit:

Patagonia Women's Fitz Roy Bear Layback Trucker Hat

Patagonia Women’s Fitz Roy Bear Layback Trucker Hat

Patagonia Women's Puffer Vest in Smolder Blue

Patagonia Women’s Puffer Vest in Smolder Blue.

Life is Good Women's Bike Heart Basket Long Sleeve Smooth Tee

Life is Good Women’s Bike Heart Basket Long Sleeve Smooth Tee

Patagonia Women's Aspen Forest Tunic in Drumfire Plaid

Patagonia Women’s Aspen Forest Tunic in Drumfire Plaid

Kavu Perfecta Pants in Black

Kavu Perfecta Pants, Black


Kavu Top, Patagonia Vest

As the leaves turn and start to fall from the trees in our neighborhood, this outfit would be a great go-to for morning and/or evening walks with our Jack Russell Terrier, Lucy. I love that the Skylar shirt by Kavu has an oversized collar and thumb loops. My hands are cold three seasons out of four. I’ll take all of the help I can get from shirts that pull over a portion of my hands.

What’s not to love about the Los Gatos Hooded Vest by Patagonia? It’s adorable, reversible, and hooded.

Patagonia Los Gatos Hooded Vest at Tyrol Ski & Sports

Patagonia Los Gatos Hooded Vest

Kavu Skylar Top at Tyrol Ski & Sports

Kavu Skylar Shirt

Bottom line: I love Patagonia and stylish athlesiure apparel. I feel confident walking around in Kavu Perfecta Pants. They’re as comfortable as leggings with a grown-up, dressed for the day look.

The staff at Tyrol Ski & Sports (1923 2nd Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902) has always been friendly and helpful to me. If you’re in the Rochester area, I recommend stopping in. There’s so much great apparel and gear to find.