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Kim Zabel and Melissa McNallan at Running Room in Rochester

Are you new to running? Check out these 3 tips.

April 14, 2018 Comments Off on Are you new to running? Check out these 3 tips.

Are you new to running, or thinking of giving it a try? Don’t be like me. Check out some tips from women in the know before you give the sport a go: Running Room Manager Kim Zabel and Sales Associate Amber Anderson.
1. Build up your confidence.
Interval training makes running less intimidating. When just starting do one minute of running, then one minute of walking. Then do two minutes of running to one minute of walking and keep on building up from there. Before you know it you may be running 20 minutes and then walking for a minute. “You start to build confidence,” said Zabel. “You’re not so overwhelmed, because you can stop and walk. It gives you the freedom to try it.”

According to Anderson, one big mistake new runners make is trying to do too much too fast. “If you’ve never run and all of the sudden you want to run 3 miles right away, depending on your health, you’re prone to more injuries,” Anderson said.

2.Join a Running Club or Program.
The Running Room started a run club that meets at their store on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. It’s free. “We have walkers that come also,” said Anderson. No matter where you’re at in your running journey, you are welcome.
Rochester Track Club holds Saturday and Sunday group training runs. Members receive an RTC logo shirt or cap, reduced entry fees at select races, and more. Annual memberships are $20 for individuals and $25 for families.
Rochester Moms on the Run isn’t a run club. They offer an instructor-led fitness program. Pricing varies.
TerraLoco hosts Monday night 5Ks that also serve as fundraisers for local nonprofit groups. They hold several other running events which can be viewed here.

3. Invest in Running Shoes.
Yes, even if you’re just beginning. “It’ the best preventative medicine you can do,” said Zabel. “If you’re using the wrong shoes you’re causing yourself damage. Maybe you’re spending extra money, but you’re also saving yourself from a knee surgery.”

Need more proof? I was talking with my friend Kelli at the RAC about running. She’s way more experienced with the sport than I am. I told her my lower back seemed to be hurting more and asked if she knew what would cause that. “Shoes,” was her first response. She didn’t even have to think about it.

Amber learned the hard way how important good shoes are. Once, when she was training for a half marathon she bought the wrong pair of shoes online She was up to 7-miles for her long run. “I couldn’t even run a half mile in them without pain. They were the wrong shoes, they were the wrong support for me.”

Running Newbie

I was walking the track at the Rochester Athletic Club, cooling down after a Ballet Fit class when I started running. It was Monday, April 2nd. It felt good, so I decided to do it again on Tuesday. I added one new song each day until I felt I reached my limit. Right now that limit is about 31 minutes.

The interval training Kim and Amber recommends makes so much more sense to me than doing what I did. I do think it’s important to point out that while real running may be new for me, I’ve run on ellipticals and done various cardio workouts for years. Building up a run time as fast as I did may not be realistic.

While I was at Running Room, Kim gave me a gait test. All I had to do was walk to and fro as she watched. I’m a bit flat footed and I am an overpronator. The good news is that there are shoes that’ll help me compensate for those issues. Better news: cute ones in a brand I’m a fan of are available at the store.

Adidas Running Shoes

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