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What’s your word? | Journal Entry 33 of 108

May 7, 2019 Comments Off on What’s your word? | Journal Entry 33 of 108

What’s your word? Do you know? Does it match where you live, or does it contradict the place?

Mine isn’t steadfast.

I picked steadfast as my anchor word of the year, a word to aspire to, not a word that expresses who I am. Who we are changes over time. I might be one word for a month, or two years, and then become another one. Steadfast will take a couple of years to become and even then, it might not be more of me than another word.


Are you my word?

I feel like the bird in the children’s book Are You My Mother? wandering around, flipping through pages of the dictionary asking each identifiable collection of letters, “Are you my word?”

One way to sort out what one’s word is, is to think about what most of one’s thoughts revolve around. Achieve is a word that’s come up for me a lot. I took an enneagram test, my result? #3 Achiever.

My fiance and I took Deepak Chopra’s Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type Quiz. We both landed in the Pitta dosha type. According to Chopra’s Ultimate Guide for Pitta’s:

The combination of the fire and water elements that make up Pitta present a passionate, determined, and enterprising spirit, and perform well under pressure. Pittas simply know how to get things done!

That’s kind of like achieve, isn’t it?

Yet, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

On our Monday Night Date Night, I asked Chris what he thought my word might be. He claimed that was too hard of a question. “Dynamic,” he said less than five seconds later.

Here we are in Chicago. Not on date night.

When I try thinking of myself as dynamic, I wonder if scattered is more true. That’s how I feel sometimes. Scattered. Though, being scattered seems less and less true lately. I feel like I’ve been bringing my life into focus. I’m developing grit. Emphasis on developing, because I’m not there yet.

Grow might be it. It matches the season it is and the city I’m in. Rochester, Minnesota is growing a lot. Its city planners are preparing for more growth. I think I’ve been planning to grow for some time now too.

I’m growing in fitness, positive eating choices, my understanding of how to be well, style, writing, business, discernment, patience, strength, knowledge, and any which way I can. Cheesy though it may sound, I plant growing seeds in my brain each and every day. I read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, meditate, and take exercise classes. I have a Precision Nutrition Coach who I’m learning so much from.  Then, there’s the rich conversations that I have with others.

Looking for my word

Looking for my word.

Grow. My word is grow. I’m making like a daisy and growing. Why a daisy? They’re the friendliest flower, so why not?

This post is part of a series inspired by Eat Pray Love.

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