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My Small Closet Solution: Rent the Runway

October 20, 2017 Comments Off on My Small Closet Solution: Rent the Runway

I do not have much closet space in our home. Chris and I rent a house. It’s a nice house in what was once considered one of the nicest neighborhoods in Rochester, Minnesota: Northern Heights. The neighborhood is still nice. Neighbors are friendly. Trees are mature. We like it where we are.

Yet, both of us are eager to build (me) or to buy (Chris). What were people in the ’70s and ’80s thinking when they built one full bathroom with one sink upstairs and one half bathroom downstairs? We need a double sink, Master Bath, Master Closet… I am getting off track.

The point is, in our current home, I do not have much closet space. If I wanted to or had the need for more closet space, we could put racks in the basement for me to fill. During the vast majority of my life though, I haven’t had more than two pairs of jeans and three or four pairs of pants that I’d wear on a regular basis.

Right now, I have five pairs of jeans and it feels excessive. Four were consignment store purchases. One, I bought new for more than $100. I love them all.

Chris has often encouraged me to buy more clothes. He points out when I may want to retire an item. Most of the time I agree, albeit reluctantly. The worn out Wicked Moose sweatshirt with paint on the cuffs is staying though. I wear it less and less now that I’ve added more sweatshirts to my wardrobe. I think I’m now up to four of them.

While my closet doesn’t reflect it – I love beauty and fashion. There’s something about wearing well-made, on trend, and as my daughter would say, “on point,” clothes.

My solution: Rent the Runway.

It’s a service that I was using until we instituted what we called our Austerity Measures this past spring. Cancelling my Unlimited Membership was so hard back in April. For the first time in my life I’d had high-end clothes and wore at least one new-to-me outfit every week. I just restarted my Unlimited Membership and I am so happy to report that they now let Unlimited Members rent four items at a time. Before it was three.

Outfits on their way to Me

From Left to Right: Draper James Ivy Lace Dress (Retail: $325),Fuzzi Tulle Tiered Top (Retail: $345), Derek Lam 10 Crosby Abstract Shift Dress (Retail: $395), Diane von Furstenburg Black Kyara Tux Jumpsuit (Retail: $548).


What does Rent the Runway do?

It gives me access to 1000s of apparel and accessory items by hundreds of designers. It’s not limited to fancy occasion apparel. They have weekend and work edits, outfits for day, night, and special occasion. As an Unlimited Member, I rent 4 items at a time. Then, I return them when I want to. As they receive my returns, I can select more items to receive.

Here’s why Rent the Runway is the best option for me:

  1. My size is changing. If I went and spent a lot of money on clothes I love, I would soon be giving them away or taking them to a consignment shop. I will be losing the final 10 or 15 pounds that I have to lose in the next few months. There’s the wedding to get in shape for. It may be 728 days away, but there’s no sense in waiting for the last minute. Also, one of my agents at Agency Models and Talent would like to get me on their list of models for fitness shoots.
  2. I have no closet space and I don’t want to turn the basement into a second closet.
  3. I love a quality-level of clothing that I cannot afford to own in any significant quantity.
  4. I don’t like to buy anything that I’m not going to want for a long time. I think it’s wasteful and being wasteful bothers me.
  5. Dressing trendy is fun! And, since trends can be fleeting, they’re better to rent than to own (imho).
  6. If I fall in L-O-V-E, love with something and can’t part with it, I can buy it at a discount. Sometimes the discounts are pretty generous.
  7. On November 21st, I have an Opening Night Gala to attend and would either be spending hours scouring for deals, a fancy consignment piece, or settling for something that I could feel okay that would fit my budget. As an Unlimited Member of Rent the Runway, I’ll just be picking out a dress I love from their vast selection.

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