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Collider Happy Hour at Bleu Duck Kitchen

How was your weekend?

March 26, 2018 Comments Off on How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

Mine was one of the most relaxing and restorative that I’ve had in a long time. I needed it!

I wore the Kate Spade dress & carried the Zac Posen purse at Happy Hour

It began on Friday at 4p.m. at Collider‘s Happy Hour at Bleu Duck Kitchen.

Collider Happy Hour at Bleu Duck Kitchen

Collider Happy Hour at Bleu Duck Kitchen

In case I haven’t mentioned it before they have the best margaritas in town. They’re crafted by Rochester’s best bartender, Paul. Really, he has earned that designation. Check it out here.

We followed our fun there up with dinner and drinks at Five West with Rochester’s favorite power couple, ShArk. There, I dined on the Blackened Chicken and Avocado Melt (it’s yummy) and a handful of their sweet potato fries. I’m pretty sure there’s a ton of sodium on those fries, so I never have more than a few and still have to accept the fact that the scale will be up a pound or two the next day. To drink, I gave their Drink and Be Rosemary cocktail a try (Hendricks Gin, Liqueur de Violettes, house made rosemary syrup, lemon, and fresh basil). It was delish! So worth it.

After Friday’s Indulgence…

Thank goodness for the SpartaChris workout we do on Saturdays.

I did a Master Bedroom closet re-org while Chris worked on company stuff. Our closet is modest. Chris’s wardrobe is less than modest, though it’s also not outrageous. Since we moved into our new house, it’s been a puzzle on my to-do list to solve.

In addition to his half of the closet hanging space and the shelf above, my guy has needed two laundry baskets and one of the drawers of my dresser. Chris doesn’t want a dresser for himself. It’d rob some of our room’s space and he’s super visual.

We both purged our wardrobes of items we no longer loved or needed and donated them to Goodwill. Then, two six-shelf closet organizers and an over the door pocket organizer for shoes were the pieces I needed to solve the rest of our closet’s puzzle. Thank you Target!

Closet Organizers Target

My shoulders melt thinking about how much more organized our closet (and by extension our life) is right now.  Have you been doing any spring cleaning or life re-orging?

Saturday Night In

For dinner, I made a modified version of Chicken Adobo from NYT Cooking. Not that I am one to do all that much bragging, but it was ridiculously delicious. Instead of chicken thighs, I used chicken wings. I substituted habeneros for the bird’s-eye chilies. While grocery shopping on Friday, I’d been in such a rush I grabbed those instead of chilies. After checking out the comments on NYT Cooking’s site, I decided to leave out the coconut milk. I plan to make them again on Tuesday to see if I can improve on what I did Saturday.

Then, we curled up and watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

I’ve loved Martin McDonagh’s works since being introduced to it when my daughter was in the play Pillowman. As soon as I saw his name on the screen, I knew I was in for a thought-provoking treat. His dark humor is mentally delish.

Ballet Fit, Brunch, and a Movie

My day started with an intense ballet fit class at the Rochester Athletic Club. My glutes, thighs, and core are still feeling its effects. After, we dashed off to brunch at Four Daughters Winery in Spring Valley.

The 4D Eggs Benedict with Steak was fantastic, though I could only eat a couple of bites of the steak. It was cooked to perfection and all, but rare is the chance I have to enjoy runny eggs. Chris is convinced he’ll get food poisoning from eggs that are not fully cooked (and it does increase the possibility – he’s right), but sometimes I like to live on the culinary edge.

Four Daughters Wine Tasting

Four Daughters Wine Tasting

Once home, we watched Darkest Hour.

Watching the movie, made Churchill’s oft-quoted words more tangible to me. Here is an excellent list of them: 50 Sir Winston Churchill Quotes. Which is your favorite?

For me it’s hard to choose, but with the new house and all of the work I’ve been doing to make it ours, this one is fun to meditate on: We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us. 

It can be easy to think that keeping house and deciding on styles for a home is a small, unimportant thing. However, our day to day life is usually lived in a home. How we choose to keep it informs how we live our days.

After the movie, I did a lesson from Fit and Fierce Over 40 (missed it on Saturday) while Chris went for a run. The lesson focused on Finding Balance. Then I gave making risotto cakes a try. It went well enough, but was nowhere near as amazing as the Adobo Chicken.

How was your weekend? Did it restore and ready you for the week’s grind?