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Morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Have a fit and stylish week.

May 12, 2019 Comments Off on Have a fit and stylish week.

I’ve been spending my weekend at Loft Literary Center’s first annual Wordplay event in Minneapolis, Minnesota collecting insights. Friday night I took a class called The Stories We Carry: Meditation & Writing led by Dani Shapiro. On Saturday I attended Origin Stories, Agency of Women, and Nations Rebuilding. Each class and event has captivated me in its own way and I hope to bring that richness of thought in the coming weeks to this blog in various ways. Today, I’ll be attending more presentations.

Confession: Yesterday, I had a total word nerd moment and teared up while talking to one author for no apparent reason. More on that later this week.

This Thursday (May 16th) is #NationalMimosaDay! Make them a little healthier by using fresh squeezed orange juice. Expect to see a delicious and not-so-bad-for-you Mimosa recipe posted on 40 Fit N’ Stylish on Wednesday.

A couple of helpful links from around the web:

Lunchtime has started requiring more planning and thought than it used to, because Chris and I are avoiding processed meats. Deli slices of turkey and roast beef were lunchtime mainstays. Then, we learned about the link between processed meats and cancer. We’re way late on this news.

What’s your go-to meal for lunch?

Is your evening snack helping you sleep better, supporting muscle repair, or helping curb morning cravings? It could be if you pick one of these 15 before bedtime snacks recommended by Healthline.

These Healthy Greek Yogurt Blueberry Scones by Ambitious Kitchen are easy-to-make, delicious, and pretty nutritious.

Ambitious Kitchen Healthy Greek Yogurt Blueberry Scones

Books I’ve read, or now want to read after day one of Wordplay:

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