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Ever have that where do I even begin feeling? | 40 Fit N’ Stylish | Lifestyle Blog

October 25, 2018 Comments Off on Ever have that where do I even begin feeling? | 40 Fit N’ Stylish | Lifestyle Blog

It’s been awhile, a long while, since I’ve posted anything. So hello old friends. A lot has been happening during the past few months in my world. How about in yours?

The Quick Version:

In mid-June, I became a sudden Stay at Home Mom to a 2-year-old boy. A week into July, I started waitressing a couple of nights a week at The Half Barrel. There’s never quite the same amount of drama serving adults food as there is with two-year-olds. By the end of August, my fiance and I decided it would be best for us all if the 2-year-old went to daycare. Caring for a 2-year-old all day was causing some mind melt for me.

Since then I’ve been juggling house management, marketing and sales for a business, serving a few nights a week, and some toddler time on the evenings and weekends.

Oh, and back in mid-June we decided to start The Total Money Makeover. That means, we don’t go out to eat much. A rotation of rented clothing isn’t coming in the mail each week. We now have budget meetings. Managing life’s tasks now takes more time.

Melissa McNallan Waitress

It’s time to stop running…

One thing I’ve learned about myself during this is that my default reflex to life’s chaos is to return to the safety of working at a bar. Maria in the Sound of Music returns to the convent when life gets confusing. We all have our safe place.

My first job as an adult was waitressing in a bar. I know what to expect. While people’s behavior may not always be sensible in bars, they tend to make more sense than the 2-year-old crying for food, pushing away the food cried for, then crying because the food is out of reach, having the food placed back within reach, and then choosing to throw it. While it’s easy to make light of the situation and declare my return to serving to be about a toddler’s lack of logic, I’ve really been running from the overall uncertainty that the events of the past few months have brought to our lives.

How long will the toddler live with us? We don’t know.

I do know that my schedule is about to get easier. After Saturday, I will be done working in bars. Probably for good. Why?

  • It’s time to stop running away from uncertainty.
  • My guy and I have spoiled each other too much during the past few years, so we don’t enjoy time apart.
  • Me serving doesn’t really do anything significant for our income.
  • Finding the energy and time to blog while serving and working for my guy’s company has been impossible.
  • So I’m back and I’ve missed you all. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to make fashion and life work on a budget. It’s time to kick wedding planning into high gear. I just finished reading a fantastic book on time management. There’s a lot I’m excited to share. How about you? Have you been reading, or learning anything amazing lately? I’d love to know about it! You can always reach me at melissa@40fitnstylish.com. melissa@40fitnstylish.com