40 Fit N' Stylish
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40 Fit N’ Stylish Reads and Recipes from around the Web

April 2, 2018 Comments Off on 40 Fit N’ Stylish Reads and Recipes from around the Web

Happy Monday!

And Happy Birthday to Lucy! Our Jack Russel Terrier is 1 today!

Lucy Napping at the Window

We love her even though she smudges up our front window daily.

Are you staying warm and bracing for tomorrow’s storm? I am. Maybe it’ll miss us in Rochester…a girl can hope, right?


I’m kind of becoming obsessed with mise-en-place, which I first encountered in The Martha Rules. This habit or philosophy came from French chefs. I couldn’t agree more with this piece on it from NPR’s The Salt.


Could adding sensory elements to your workout improve your fitness? My first reaction when I read, At Last, a Fitness Class That Delivers Electric Shocks While You Exercise was only in NYC or Europe! Would I try it if it came to Minnesota? I don’t know. Would you? Do you use sensory experiences to improve your daily living in other ways?


On a style note: Have You Heard About the Grandpa Sneaker Trend? I SO miss the days of VELCRO on shoes. It’s just so efficient! Don’t you think?


Tomorrow, I think I’ll make Southwestern Cornbread Waffles from Shape Magazine,  Vegetarian Tortilla Soup, and Cheesy Chickpea and Sesame Crackers. Given the weather report (snow, snow, and more snow), I think staying cozy and making warm homemade eats should be on the to-do list.