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Real Deals on Home Decor Ashley Moberg, Molly Johnson

Designed for Two Kinds: Real Deals on Home Decor

January 7, 2018 Comments Off on Designed for Two Kinds: Real Deals on Home Decor

When it comes to shopping for home decor there are two kinds of shoppers. “There’s a person who sees this display and shops it, said Ashley Moberg, local owner of Real Deals on Home Decor. “Others would rather pluck it off the shelf.” Her store is designed for both kinds.

In front you’ll find creative and inspiring displays to shop.

Gold Accents at Real Deals on Home Decor Real Deals on Home Decor Farmhouse Trend

You can shop a warehouse of fun decor possibilities in back.

Real Deals on Home Decor Warehouse Section 1 Real Deals on Home Decor Warehouse Section 2 Real Deals on Home Decor Warehouse Section 3

Whether you love shopping displays or not, it’s a great idea to go back into the warehouse area. “A lot of our stuff in the warehouse is not up here,” said Ashley.

An area dedicated to boutique apparel and accessories is between the two areas.

Real Deals on Home Decor opened its doors in Rochester’s Design District on October 19th, 2017. Given the popularity of pop-up shops several holiday shoppers thought the store would just be open for the holidays.

“We’re here,” said Ashley. “We’re here to stay.”

“I really like this district. I like Dwell. I was always down here shopping,” said Ashley. “I love the fact that it’s the design district and once this is done, you can walk down the sidewalk, be-bopping and make a day of it.”

And in her store, “You can be comfortable. Be at home. Look around. Have a coffee, a snack, whatever.”

Customers often bring her and her team pictures of the space they want to decorate in their home. Ashley and her team will pull together whole displays for the customer and encourage them to pick what they like out of it. Some will go home, set up the display the Real Deals on Home Decor team has just help them create, and send back a picture of how it looks.

Real Deals on Home Decor Ashley Moberg, Molly Johnson

Ashley Moberg and Molly Johnson

“People can do a section of their home for a really reasonable price,” said Ashley. “A lot of people come in and say, ‘I was at so and so’s house and I just love what she did.’”

Q: What do people seem to be drawn to right now in home decor?

A: Farmhouse is big. Our farm display turns pretty quick. Also, industrial is a huge seller. Anything that has a farm animal. Pigs sell like crazy. Cows and pigs.

We can’t keep any of them in stock. They all have character, cute faces.

Q: What trend is it time to watch for and embrace?

A: Gold is trending back. Jump on, because it’s coming. We have quite a bit of gold here. Everything trends back in. Give it enough time. Whatever was popular 10 years ago is back. There’s only so many textures.

Q: What’s the most common struggle you see people having when it comes to decorating?

A: A flat look.

Q: The solution?

A: Layering everything and just giving everything a dimension. Put stuff up on books or on a trunk. When you layer it, all of a sudden it comes to life. It’s a good way to work with what you already have.

Books and trunks are popular layering choices in Real Deals on Home Decor.

Real Deals on Home Decor has been busy since it opened…

Q: What do you think the big draw has been?

A: It’s a refreshing feeling when you come into a store like this. It has unique pieces. No one else will have it. We only typically have only a couple of each piece. Another thing is the prices here. It’s called Real Deals. And it’s a real deal here. It really is.

We have a lot of customers that come in weekly. We know them by name. They know us by name. They know that our inventory goes really fast. Every week we get in new home decor inventory. They don’t want to miss it.

Which brings up an important point for when you shop at Real Deals on Home Decor: If you see it and you love it you probably want to get it, because it’ll be gone the next time you come in.

As I talked with both Ashley and employee Molly Johnson, they both explained that customers will come back in and walk to the spot where the item they want was and it’ll be gone. “That happens a lot. Just grab it. Everything is so affordable.”

Q: When it comes to buying for your store, what influences what you purchase?

A: I watch what people are buying and listen to them. A lot of people were asking for windmills. I didn’t have any. Now I have a bunch of them. I just really want to pick things that this market likes. That’s the nice thing about privately owned. I have their [corporate’s] guidance, tips, and recommendations. I can do what I want within all of our vendors.

We talked about what to expect in the apparel and accessory boutique area of the store. While the majority will stay long-sleeve for the next month, they will start getting in some transition pieces soon. It might be cold here, but some of us will be traveling to warmer climes. By the end of February, Ashley expects for the shift to be all spring.

Q: What can be expected for spring fashions?

A: A lot of lavender, lilac, a lot of mint. They’re really pretty. They’re fresh colors too.

We very rarely get anything twice. One top sold out in one day. On a jacket that just came in, four sold before they could even tag them.

The apparel sold at Real Deals on Home Decor is also really affordable. And, like with home decor, if you like it, buy it. “It’ll probably be gone when you come back.”

While I was shopping there last week, they had a selection of Christmas merchandise discounted 60%. I walked out with a few amazing holiday deals, a plaque with hooks on it that I plan to use to help Chris and I organize some apparel and accessories in our room, and a lot of ideas about how to turn our house into more of a home. All for less than $35.

Real Deals on Home Decor is located at 525 6th Ave NW. You can like them on Facebook at @RochesterRD and follow them on Instagram at @realdealsrochester.